Personally, I've yet to find her funny in anything. I didn't know she was married until this post.
Yes! Why must she slut-shame feminist icon "bombshell mcgee"!?? As a married woman, she should be home baking pies, not out making fun of daring independent women who respond emotionally to brownie commercials. Single women truly are superior, and we should celebrate their complete inability to tolerate or be tolerated by anyone for more than a few months at a time.

I read the linked article on the doublex blog, and I'm just not getting it. I'm wondering if Rosin is reading something in to Fey's shtick that isn't really there, or there's some tragic degree of oversensitivity at play here.

In any event, I cheerfully admit to my own cluelessness.
Seriously?? She can't be funny about single ladies? And because she's married and still making jokes about single ladies she must be both mean AND boring now that she's married? Ugh. I think single ladies can laugh at themselves.
I Love Tina Fey!
@ 3, the double X commentators are sometimes that. Oversensitive is probably the word. It's hard to explain. DoubleX can be a horrible loveschild of nyt's motherload and slate.

And I say this as a normal slate enthusiast.
Who fucking hates mommy blogs.
Any time I accidentally read the XXfactor, I end up cringing in embarassment for my gender. God, what a bunch of humorless tight-asses.

For the record Fey portrayed an equal amount of mothers and whores on SNL this week, and even if she hadn't, who cares? Last I heard, married male actors are allowed to portray all SORTS of characters - married, single, gay, straight, happy, sad - And they don't even have to BE that kind of person!

I agree 30 Rock has gone a bit off the rails the past couple of episodes, but it's been all around weird writing and character departures, not just Liz Lemon, and presumably NOT because Tina Fey is cackling and throwing garbage down at single women from her marital tower of bliss/despair.
The only part of that post that offends my feminist sensibilities is the idea that once a woman marries, it inherently changes her into some other Married-with-a-capital-M being that can no longer satirize the personal experiences of her life prior to her profound, self-erasing metamorphosis.

What utter bullshit.
Poor Tina Fey.
Liz Lemon makes me feel better about myself. No matter how sad my social life is, at least I'm not THAT pathetic.
That's it...women really are over sensitive. Tina Feye is comedienne. She writes funny things. Just because it's about single ladies, doesn't mean that she's mocking them. Jesus christ, that whole article made me cringe. I'm ashamed of my sex. Since she's married she cannot satire single women...uh huh. Why do women like to keep other women down? There aren't as many successful female comedy writers, so shouldn't you be proud of her? Here's a solution for whiny, self righteous single women: don't watch 30 rock. Watch the many sexually stereotypical shows out there, then bitch about those. They are the majority.
Perhaps XX of Slate has their panties in a wad over brownie men for their own reason? Fey is simply tapping a time of her life that gives her comedic material. All women, married or not, have been single. There's her hook. I think reading into it that she is looking at single women from some 'married high horse' has more to do with the person who perceives that of Fey's brownie skit on SNL, and less to do with Fey.

That skit reminded me of the recent "30 Rock" episode where Jack Donnagee (nee' Alec Baldwin) decides that the way to increase NBC's viewership is to create "porn for women" which was, in the episode, a television show that is a handsome guy on the screen who says things like "how was your day?" "she said what?" "really?" "what did you say?" randomly on the television screen. At the end of the episode we see Tina, alone in her apartment, watching the channel, telling the television all about her day. In this episode (though Fey likely wrote it) it is Jack Donnagee who has the inside track on what all women really want (someone to listen and ask them about their day). Fey, through her comedy, is simply hitting the female experience, in America, on the head.

What I did find interesting about the SNL appearance is that she had Steve Martin come onto the SNL stage, during her monologue, as a part of her bit; when he and Alec Baldwin have had a notorious 'competition' over who has been on SNL more, going. Couldn't she have had her co-worker from 30 Rock on, instead? Not a big deal but interesting since there have been rumors that she and Alec do not get on well at work. Ahh...speculation.
And if she portrayed a happily married, millionaire celebrity, she would have lost touch, sold out and become an elitist. Comedians are insane, Tina Fey is no exception. She's funny and I love 30 Rock and think Mean Girls was one of the more underrated movies of the oughts(I'm a straight guy). She's likable as Liz Lemon, but interviews I've seen with her she seems anything but likable. I get the impression she's more jack Donaghey than Lorne Michaels is.
Roadflare-- you shouldn't make blanket statements about women and what they're like. Most of the women I know, from my mother to my colleagues, are reasonable, wonderful people who are not overly "sensitive" nor resentful of awesome ladies like Tina Fey.

Looking at a sample like the linked post and declaring it to be the opinion of most, or even many, women suggests that you don't have much aptitude for logic. But I don't read your comment and declare that men have shitty reasoning abilities.
I just noticed that you're a woman! Apologies for my mistake. Still, some women suck but most don't in my experience. Speaking about a group that you're a member of as though they're some foreign entity doesn't make sense, and you'll probably find that as many women are like you as not.

Thinking of you as a man hating on women pissed me off a little, and I feel bad about that. But you should be aware that you sounded like a woman hating on "women".

Tiny Fey is pathetically Unfunny and never, ever has been funny.

Her career has been kept aloft by her participation in the State Enforced Democrat Party Humor Department to which SNL and NBC in general has subscribed to.
i don't think it's revenge, i think she was to some extent actually that pathetic when she was single. she was a virgin until 23. she wasn't popular in high school, not attractive, or at least had low self esteem.
I think she does it because whenever she does, someone writes her a big check. Seriously, why do people have this idea that everyone in the entertainment industry is Saying Something Important About Themselves?
I find it funny, but never having been a lady that's probably why. I think single women have these moments of being a little...pathetic, but like not in a bad way, and this is Tiny's way of mocking it. I think sometimes women are confused when guys run away from them, and don't understand them just as much as we don't understand, I don't even know where I was going there, but if single women have an issue with her, it can't hurt unless it's a little true.
@Diana Moon Glampters--
I can't believe the handicapper general reads slog!
Oh, I didn't realize that actors can only portray characters whose lives mirror their own--she's married, goddammit! She was obviously was never single, or childless, and she obviously has no experience of feeling unattractive or unwanted. /

Also, the Brownie Man thing was making fun of idiotic commercials targeting women. NOT the many single women who want men made of brownies.
I agree that Tina does seem to target the character type of the 'pathetic single woman'... I've always assumed that she was just branching into past feelings she'd had while in that time of her life, and exaggerating it.

I don't exactly like that her character berates herself that way - it continues the myth that 'a woman can't be happy unless she's married', but what the hell. It's her show. I still love her comedy.
Thank you, #16 - I agree with you completely. I'm surprised she's had a career outside of impersonating Sara Palin. But then, those shticks were pathetically unfunny, too.
I was just reacting to the writer, sorry to make it seem like generalizations. It's just frustrating that we have to tip toe around everything these days! Everybody gets offended so easily...even supposedly empowered women against an excellent example of an empowered woman like Tina Feye.
I absolutely love Tina Fey and her characterizations. Why? Because, come on, Liz Lemon is smart, funny, and gorgeous... and she's able to be all those things while still being a nerd. If women have to be kept on a pedestal, then we still have a long way to go to fight sexism. If women can be as self deprecating, and be allowed sexy AND cheetos-eating... I declare that a victory.

Also, chill out.
As someone who is constantly told she's oversensitive, and who loves being single and has many content single friends...I still find Tina Fey really funny and don't get the 'mean' vibe from her at all, nor the feeling that she is cruelly targeting single women. 30 Rock ftw!
Just started watching her show (I'm from Montreal). The meaner she, the funnier she is.
That's talent.

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