She is soooooooo laaaaame..... But yeah, girl knows how to rule the runway.
Yeah....I don't think she "grew" as a person so much as they started to edit her differently when it became apparent she would win.
I was happy that Tyra won, but when she was overcome with emotion upon winning, and was hyperventilating, it was a little scary, but it was kind of funny, too. Am I evil for feeling that way?
Totally lame.
I'm going to miss about RuPaul's drag race are the horrifying Absolute Vodka commercials—the lighting?!?—immediately followed by ads for substance abuse recovery clinics.
@ 5 - I liked the one with Santino. "Maybe I'll put YOU on my list..."
@3 ugh, when she began "hyperventilating", my eyes rolled so hard they nearly flew out of the back of my head. Give me a break.
@ 7 - Maybe it was for real, maybe it wasn't. Did it matter?
@8 Drag queens by their very nature are high camp & drama. I can't say it doesn't make for great TV... all I'm saying is that not for one second did I ever think Tyra was actually hyperventilating. She had quite a nack for getting the cameras pointed at her (which is why she won, after all) and I don't think that stopped when she got the crown.
I knew it'd be either between Raven and Tyra but when I watched the final episode Raven turned into that cold vicious bitch, which turned me off. Tyra grew up in the final 4 episodes. During the fight scene for RuPaul's video, you know Tyra was going to when she was fighting those girls then sat on top of Raven and Jujubee. I think Raven has a great future ahead of her if she doesn't turn into a raving coke fiend. As for Tyra, she reacted like that because that's probably the first best thing to happen to her in a LONG time or even ever in her life. She needed that golden kick in the ass to help her get to where she want to be. Honestly, I think he/she needs to finish his/her GED and take some college courses, especially some fine art courses. Tyra needs to get better at speaking and soften the ghetto in her more. With her clothing design skills, I could see her pursuing fashion design as a day job and even see her on Project Runway.
@5, that's the showbiz Circle of Life, no?
@7 and 8 - I think it was real. She probably had a "Holy Ghost" moment because she didn't think she'd win.

If you watch the Reunion episode, Rupaul gives Tyra props for her talent because there were some things she did that only seasoned "old drag queens' do. Also, if you read the interview done with Tyra more of her background comes out. She's part of the House Ball scene and is part of the "House of Sanchez", which explains her name. The interviewer follows with "they still exist??? that's so 'Paris is burning'". She did some things that you'll see at some black and latino gay clubs in the South and on the East coast and Rupaul praises her for doing that by saying "girl your pussy was on fire!! that shit was fierce." After you see her praise Tyra for that, those other bitches sitting there are showing their hate and jealousy in their eyes for Tyra .

Tyra's win was also a win for the House Ball community.
As much as I hoped the next drag superstar would not to be another RuPaul lookalike, and I was rooting for Raven, I must admit Tyra really KILLED IT in the finale. To me it was no contest. What I want to know is, can Jessica Wild come back next season? I love her.

You of all people know that a Drag Queen has to do more than be "stunning" when they walk the runway. Drag Queens have to act, MC, lip-synch, be intelligent, know something about current events, be quick on their feet and SPELL (poke poke)!

The competition is NOT "America's Next Print-Ad-Ready Drag Superstar".

So I would think you would be able to see how some would be disappointed that someone who uses the word "axe" instead of "ask", who only had to lip-synch once and who only ever showed us one look (Beyonce) won.

Pandora, even though she was not the "prettiest" or "real-ist", or Jujubee who stayed pretty much positive and gave the best off the cuff READ of any of the queens, were FAAAAAARRRRR more deserving of actually being a Drag Superstar.

Like Pandora said, "I can hire a stylist to make me prettier, but you can't give some of these queens a personality lift". (or something to that effect)

Touché. Perfection.

Also, two African American queens in a row?!?! Hmmmm... Me thinks Ru is looking for a mini-me. And whatever happened to Bebe? Superstar?!? You're not if you can't be seen.....
@13 I know I really loved Jessica Wild, I thought she was amazing for not understanding half of what everyone was saying
Would anyone actually pay money to see Tyra 'perfom'? I mean, what can she do, aside from stand there and look good? You can get a cut-out for that.
@14: bebe is doing it:… which is why i thought juju would win because she is only one who can sing.

the real issue with this show is it's all about realness. where is jackie hell when you need her? really some of the best queens probably can't sew at all so they don't have a chance.

rupaul is not picking winners based on race. still she shoulda said "the winner is fishface" because that's how tyra had described herself.

I still say Pandora was robbed. But I love me some campy drag.
After watching that video, I find it funny that RuPaul makes her contestants lip-sync for their lives when she's so horrible at it!

Also, what up with Tyra's new cleavage?
The show was called "Drag Race" not "Project Runway vs. America's Next Top Model". Too much focus on the clothes and looking pretty on the runway, when drag queens are way more about attitude and humor.

After Pandora was cut, I was all in for Juju. I would have been satisfied with a Raven win, but Tyra? She's just a manipulative Beyonce impersonator. Yeck. Hope people throw rotten tomatos at her on the Absolute Pride Tour. That is if anybody pays to see her at all!

Like Juju said, "The next drag superstar shouldn’t be a lazy bitch!"
I'm glad that she could spend some of her prize money on veneers for her teeth — she and many others of this year's contestants looked like they could eat corn on the cob through a tennis racquet. I think RuPaul was right about Tyra having potential, but she's nowhere near the level that Bebe was when she won. I'm hopeful for season 3, too.

I was never a Tyra fan. Pandora was my favorite. That said, after the announcement, when Tyra started hyperventilating, a lightbulb went on and I realized "She's totally the next drag superstar!"

That moment was pure theater - I don't give a rat's ass if it was real or not - it was stunning. Only a true drag star could have come up with it.

Now, I think that Raven, Jujubee and Pandora will actually have careers after this, all of them proved to be vastly entertaining and they are actual drag queens. Tyra will probably fade away (as fragile hothouse flowers often do) and end up doing nursing home gigs in Tampa. But for that one brief moment, that beautiful shining crystal moment of glory (the brown paper bag moment) the stars rained down on one Miss Tyra Sanchez, dusted her with fairy glitter so that she shone like the light of one thousand suns.

And she got some new teeth!

I still say Tyra won mostly because RuPaul enjoyed calling her "the OTHER Tyra". Pandora should come to Seattle and be in a Brown Derby Production.
If Merle thinks Tyra is so smart how come she "forgot to breathe" for several minutes! The queen is either too stupid to remember to breathe, or she decided to play to our sympathies instead of feeding our resentment that an Eve Harrington won. However, sympathy evokes pity while resentment demands a certain degree of respect. Winning is not the moment to play dumb, especially in a contest that culminates in a cat fight. If the girl can't own it, does she really deserve the crown? On the other hand I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and say a bout of the vapors is surely an appropriate response for a struggling single father in desperate need of dental work winning $25,000.

And I must admit, how could Tyra not win after the final "lipsynch for your life" round where she was working every single judge while Raven was just standing and posing like a lazy bottom???
I felt like Tyra's hysterics brought what should have been a glorious crowning celebration to a squeaking, farting halt. "Uh, do you need a glass of water?" "Here's your tiara, I guess. Everyone else left the studio for lunch, and the grip who was supposed to drop confetti is on the phone with the EMTs."

Was rooting for Raven, adored Jujubee and Pandora (her outfit in the reunion show was hilariously awesome, as was everything about her), but I hate to admit I was impressed with Tyra's lip-sync in the final round, and to be fair, she blew Raven away. She had some skills to go with the face, even though I'd certainly never seen them before.

That said, it just made me wish Ms. Sanchez ALWAYS lip-synced, 'cause seriously, bitch can't talk. Gorgeous, but she needed elocution lessons far more than foam-rubber boobies. Doolittle her ass with a quickness.

Hopefully the show will get Jujubee, Pandora and Raven their much deserved publicity and a some tour stops in Seattle. I am hoarding my singles until they arrive.

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