happy to see Christopher Lloyd, but I will NOT be seeing that movie.
But can it beat MEGA PIRANHA?…
Video-game-quality piranha and people who've won Oscars? I'm in.
I want Sigourny Weaver or nothing! Do you hear me Humpadunk?
I agree.

Far better to watch Cane Toads 3-D at SIFF instead.

Meanwhile I'm heading to IMAX this weekend to watch Iron Man 2 - woo hoo!
I am so going to see this.
You really did have me at "Shue." Rowrrr.
I stayed at the resort where the original piranha was filmed. They simulated piranha attacks by covering the actors in molasses so that all the perch and sunfish in the lake would swarm and eat it off of them. They had to do a bunch of re-shoots because one of the ducks was diving down and it looked like the duck was doing the actual killing.

Also, the sequel (Piranha II: The Spawning) was directed by James Cameron.
Now I know how to get swarmed by perch and sunfish, should the mood strike me. You're very helpful, arbeck!
Holy crap, YES!
That's a lot of screaming... underwater... from fish.
Looks like one of those SyFy Saturday night movies.

Also, it looks to be an entirely different "story" than the original Roger Corman/Joe Dante crapfest.
Speaking of scary crap, don't miss SLICE when it comes out .. YOWZA!
This trailer is basically the summation of why I have an unreasonable phobia of fish. Actually, I didn't even watch it due to said phobia, but assume that the contents would likely exacerbate my fear of getting my toes nibbled off.

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