According to Big Hollywood, conservatives are up in arms that Machete, (in their minds a leftist piece of propaganda that "glorifies race war") was made using tax incentives and public funding:

Worst of all, Robert Rodriguez’ incendiary race film ‘Machete‘ was made, in part, with help from tax incentives and location access provided by the Texas Film Commission, a division of Governor Rick Perry’s Office. A spokesperson from the organization confirmed that Rodriguez has indeed applied for funding.
In addition to state funds, Robert Rodriguez has long had use of the state & city funded studios based at the former Austin airport. His Troublemaker Studios utilizes the Austin Studios facilities, which is managed by the Austin Film Society. Are racial-revenge fantasies the intended use of such publicly and community supported institutions?

As I have said before, I could watch Danny Trejo in anything, but I wasn't especially looking forward to this film until right now:

I have two points: 1) Robert Rodriguez didn't start the "race war." and 2) If you want to start bitching about tax breaks being used for wrong-headed political gains, I've got a better place to start.