The just-released comic-book action thriller Jonah Hex is getting terrible reviews. Among the many points of consternation: the crap movie's brief running time. As Movie|Line reports:

[T]he consensus is that the DC comic adaptation is the latest worst movie of the summer. However if there is one thing unifying all the bad reviews — beyond the general hatred — it’s in commenting on just how quickly Jonah Hex is over. Brevity might be the soul of wit, but in this case it’s also the soul of a totally hacked-apart studio movie. But just how long is this thing?

The Stranger's Ned Lannaman weighs in thusly:

[T]he whole lamebrained thing is over in 80 mercifully brief minutes. It's as if Warner Brothers and DC Comics took a look at this thing, immediately recognized it as a steaming pile of steampunk barf, and chopped it down to make it as painless and unbarfy as they could.

(Over at Movie|Line, various reviewers clock the movie at 73 minutes and 72 minutes (without credits), and Warner Bros. clarifies the official running time as 83 minutes.)