Hold on tight, lil guy!
  • Hold on tight, li'l guy!

This movie is really, really nothing special. But I didn't hate it, it isn't offensive, it's vaguely entertaining, and it's the correct season for summertime bullshit. All of that adds up to one semi-approving review:

Knight and Day is fun enough—something like a toothless Bourne Identity, in which a federal superagent (Cruise) is pursued through the streets of fancy olde Europe for a crime he only sort of committed. Some sort of magic battery is involved, and the FBI is not to be trusted! Diaz plays some lady he picks up along the way who screams a lot. Paul Dano plays a nerd. The dialogue is sometimes funny and sometimes so terrible that you want to punch the screen to death. And the ending is wiiiiide open—practically tattooing into your flesh a reminder to check back in 2011 for Knight and Day 2: Knight at the Museum and then in 2012 for Knight and Day 3: Plagued by the Knight Terrors! and in 2013 for the hotly anticipated Knight and Day 4: Citizens on Patrol. (I ran out of puns, so that last one is a Police Academy reference. You're welcome.)

Click HERE to read the rest, comment, and offer your own Knight and Day puns (note: it doesn't count as a pun if the word "knight" is already in the title, i.e. Knight and Day 17: Shanghai Knights, as much as I would like love to see a Wild West buddy cop crossover megasequel starring Jackie Chan and Tom "I Swear That I Am Not a Gay Pygmy Shark" Cruise).