Take a nap, lil guy!
  • Take a nap, li'l guy!

I liked it:

Sam Gold (Jesse Eisenberg) is just your reggsie Hasidic Jew, living a quiet, unassuming, awkward, devout, sexually curious, Brooklyny Hasidic life. He helps his mother with the malfunctioning stove, he works hard in his father's fabric shop, he peeks sheepishly at next door's porno through his bedroom curtains. Discontentment has not quite occurred to him yet.

But when his parents arrange an introduction to a local hottie for the purposes of sexy, sexy nuptials, Sam is mortified. He has exactly none American bucks with which to shower his fly mammy in necklaces and crap like that! How will she ever love him—how could she ever love a future that contains absolutely zero necklaces whatsoever!?

Read the whole thing (and comment on how I've jumped the shark!) HERE.