What it lacks in dialogue, it makes up for in dance energy, thin narrative arc and underdog triumph. Just enjoy yourself for once and go see it.
Nothing ruins a nice pair of hi-tops faster than water!!! Why are they ruining their dance armour??!??
Lindy West, you are such a jewel of a film critic! I truly hope and pray that some big news corporation doesn't grab you away from Seattle just to place you in your own office in New York. You are truly my favorite writer in the Stranger, and I am 62! I just LOVE your attitude.
"Dancing" is still a secret code word for "fucking" right?

This sounds like a fantastic porn flick!
Wow, someone has a stick up their ass....if you dont enjoy a dancing flick (or just take movies way to seriously), dont talk shit about it because there are people out there in which dancing is their life. I understand you have your views, to his her own, but I saw this movie the night it came out and was pleased with it 100%, it was better than the 1st and 2nd combined, including the 3D affect. If you want a dance flick with a bad dialogue, than watch You Got Served, it has amazing dance moves but the acting is pretty bad, and yet I still love the movie. You had your say, this is mine.
You missed the best quote:

"One dance move.....can change a generation"

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