Following Tila Tequila's stoning by Juggalos comes the clobbering of comedian Lisa Lampanelli by guests at the Celebrity Roast of David Hasselhoff, broadcast last night on Comedy Central. Here's a sampler assembled by Jezebel.

Okay. I understand such roasts are all about pushing the envelope and going too far and hurrah for that. But something's just off about the cumulative Lampanelli bashing. For one thing, it went down at what was supposed to be a roast of David Hasselhoff. But the main thing that icks me out is Lampanelli's laugh, that auto-cackle she grants even the lamest jokes about what a fucking pig she is. The laugh is clearly meant to communicate good sportsmanship, and it does, but not without a creepy PTSD sheen of "I learned how to do this the hard way."

(Not helping: That scene in Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work where Rivers submits herself to a Comedy Central roast, even though she knows it will be nothing but lame jokes about her plastic head and dried-out vagina from comedians who never achieved a fraction of her success. Rivers' reason: The big paycheck, positing celebrity roastees as some comedy version of sub-bottom sex workers, getting paid to get consensually tortured.)

Also: Lisa Lampanelli is just NOT THAT FAT.
Seriously, I've never seen her look slimmer.