You're crazy. Chicks are crazy for college football. Park yourself in the beer garden of the Ram in U Village, or Northlake Pizza, two hours before the next Husky game and tell me what you see there. Won't be furries.
You've obviously never been to an SEC city on game day. College girls are crazy for college football in the South. It's the best way to pick up future sugar daddies.
Oh, and if they had a way to combine shopping at overpriced boutiques with watching their favorite team - heaven.
Pretty sure those mascots are intended to be their boyfriends.
Semi funny commercial. The only problem with FloTV is that its absolutely useless if you have a SlingBox device. Its like a mobile cable service, few channels for a few bucks.

let's take a second to remember this rule of tail:
"not all mascots are furries, nor are most fursuiters mascots."

or something.
Don't you mean "furriously" beating off?
@4 has it. See the previous FLOtv commercials: The theme is that guys get dragged along by their girlfriends to do shit they'd rather not do, which forces them to miss college football. So by getting FLOtv, they become men again, not pussywhipped assholes who don't watch the game.

What's funny about this entire campaign is that the product sounds like a TV channel devoted to menstruation. FLOtv? C'mon. I'd like to see their spots in Alabama: "Watch the Crimson Tide on FLOtv!"
Looks like an ol' fashioned Duck vs. Beaver Strap Match!
@10 I think you might be underestimating the number of furries in the US... Sadly.
@10 There are way more than 1000 furries in the US.

And, many of them weight a bit more then 160 lbs. Some of them weight a little less.
Fnarf, please, for the love of god, bring back your old cowboy-hatted avatar.
1) I miss it
2) this new photo is kind of frightening.
*fap fap fap*
Gawd I live in UO ducks territory and I can't stand the mascot or the "civil war" game between UO and OSU Beavers ( that's their name I kid you not). I'm surprised no one has thought to corrupt ducks to dicks and well, you can imagine the tasteless joke there.

So you "guys" are SLOG think those two women with the mascots are "pretty young women"?

No. I mean, I'm just asking.

No, really?

That's your idea of pretty? Ok, ok. Just wondering....

(Whistles...strolls away....)
Furries fapping furiously. Fabulous.
awww Dan. . . now that this commercial is a furry thing in my mind. Dang. you ruined it for me. I was just telling my spouse the other day I soooo wanted that woman's outfit.

sigh. + yeah, college football sucks. zzzzz.
Yes. Women like football. Fuckin' A. Just because sports in media is a fucking testosterone fest does not mean women don't watch. We do. Despite not being represented as players or fans and are used as the punch line.
Mascots are terrifying. But college (or university, as we call it here in Canada) football is great. Going my school's homecoming game tomorrow!
I guarantee you there are football fans beating off to it, too. If they did a version of that with WVU's mascot (which doesn't really have an animal suit, given that it's a guy dressed sorta like Davey Crockett), there'd be fraternities projecting it up on walls so they can all beat off to it en masse.

Also, you're discounting the number of furries who are suiters who have higher standards than the typical mascot costume.
Cameo by Herbie Husker! wooo!
@19 we do!

it's just that college football stops the clock after every first down. . . making the games go on FOREVER = zzzz. literally, it puts me to sleep. ;)
Why would furries beat off to this when they have tons of furry porn on the internet?
Thanks for giving me a furry fetish, Dan.. geez. =P lol

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