Scenes from the Hong Kong movie Erotic Nightmare...


The movie's plot:
Anthony Wong is a rich sex-deprived man who meets a Monk, who offers him an erotic dream. He becomes addicted to the dream and falls in love with the beautiful female student in it. Unfortunately, the dream is part of the Monk's conspiracy to obtain or destroy all that matters to him.

Once Wong finally finishes his dream, things start going horribly badly. For example, his dog loses its head and his mother gets mutilated and stuffed into a box while he was asleep. The dream maker has gained control of Wong through his dreams and his desires and is out to take everything from him.

In an attempt to seek revenge, his brother returns from Malaysia and joins forces with the Monk's wife (Pinky Cheung), who has grown tired of the ritual abuse delivered by her sadistic husband.

The redologists who chance to come across this post will know exactly what I'm thinking: the famous "mirror of voluptuousness" chapter in the 18th century Chinese novel Hóng Lóu Mèng!

What happens is this: A young and feverish man is presented with a magic mirror by a traveling monk. The young man sees a beautiful woman in the mirror and enters it. The young man starts fucking the woman in the mirror. The young man can't stop fucking the woman in the mirror. His servants in the real world (the other side of the mirror) do not know what to do—their master is on the bed, his mind is lost in the mirror, and his pants are soaked with sperm. The young man ejaculates one last time and dies. The monk reclaims his terrible mirror.

As you can see, the plot of Erotic Nightmare echoes the older erotic nightmare in Hóng Lóu Mèng.