As Mr. Trujillo told us earlier today, the Uptown Cinema is scheduled to close on November 28th. It's always a sad thing when a movie theater closes, and I've seen a lot of great movies at the Uptown. It was one of my favorite SIFF venues.

I would love to see the Uptown become a cheap second-run movie theater. I know Seattle already has a couple of great second-run houses, but I'm willing to bet we could sustain a third, especially so close to downtown, now that we are experiencing a Permanent Recession.

At $4 a pop, with an interesting midnight movie series, I think the Uptown could be something awesome. (I wouldn't even mind if they turned one of the theaters into a restaurant/cafe to keep viewers around and spending money for a little while longer, or made it a kitchen and offered a movie-with-dinner affair in the remaining two theaters.) And with the world's only sit-down Dicks across the street, it would be the ultimate cheap-date block in Seattle.