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I hope he does do one! And all his Republican pundit friends, too.

There was a quick mention of IGBP on In Treatment last night, in the Jesse episode.
that was awkward....
Damn Dan-
you didn't tell him about santorum.
a graphic frothy description would have been a great hit....
I think the IGB project is a good thing- but regarding the answer to Stephen's question "How are LBGT teenagers different from all other miserable teenagers?": as a straight male survivor of baseball-bat-bullying by Good Old Southern Boys in a small town in Louisiana in the eighties, I can testify that not all of us who were perceived as gay and dealt with violence returned home to a refuge where we found supportive parents.
I can't wait to see the Colbert IGB video
4 is right.

lots of kids are bullied by their parents for lots of reasons, and don't find support at home.

and lots and lots of kids are bullied at school for lots and lots of reasons.

but it's typically arrogant to insist on carving out a special class of homosexual victimhood.....
I loved that from the sound of the initial laugh you could tell a good portion of the crowd already knew what pegging was.
@6: Ask Judy Shepard about carving out a special class of homosexual victimhood pertaining to her dead son who would have turned 34 today had he not been fatally beaten by two misbegotten morons. Yeah, ask her.
Two of my favorite guys :) After I saw this on tv, the first thing I said to the boyfriend was, "He didn't even jack Dan around." Cool. I really do hope to see a Colbert video.
I think you a word in the last sentence.
@6- You miss the point. It Gets Better messages might be aimed at gay kids, but there's no reason a straight kid can't accept the message too.
please don't mock Dan's illiteracy.
What, no mention of Dan's wardrobe? Nice shirt, good jeans, some rockin' boots...nice to know he can bring it when he needs to... :)
What, no mention of Dan's wardrobe? Nice shirt, good jeans, some rockin' boots...nice to know he can bring it when he needs to... :)

oh, we shan't bother Ms Sheperd.
Everyone readily acknowledges that only homosexuals get robbed and killed when leaving bars after midnight.
One of the greatest benefits of heterosexuality is that aura that makes you invincible to drugged drunk robbers....
13 (and 14!)

he's all set for the next keg party at the community college frat house
Canuck, I'm curious about the jacket OVER the IGBP purple T - was it diffidence that made him put on the jacket obscuring the shirt so much, or did some evil Comedy Central policy forbid him from having the naked message T?

Did he aim to have just the shirt and then on reflection realize it just wasn't cute enough on its own?
Oh, i'm going to hope it wasn't a policy thing (remember Viggo Mortensen going on Charlie Rose with "No blood for oil" scrawled on his T shirt with a Sharpie?). I wonder if he was just trying to be a bit dressier? He was looking pretty sharp. And everyone dresses up more in New York, what may be passable in the chilled out west sometimes leaves one feeling a bit Clampett-like on the East Coast, at least that's been my experience. And thank goodness for tiny miracles: No more dirty white sneakers!

you mock, surely.....
Clap, clap, clap, clap. . . and like not sarcastically clapping or anything, either. Just regular happy clapping. :)

well done.
@19 I never mock. I tease, harp, and frequently overuse sarcasm, but I never mock, because that's just mean. And yes, I meant what I said from the bottom of my small, Grinch-like heart: Dan was smokin' !
@21, didja see Michael K's post today on the vintage-hair-and-beardo Colbert photo?
It's Stephen Colbert back when he had a soft helmet of luscious hair that makes you want to call in sick so that you can spend the day running your fingers through it.
Oh. My. God. If you hadn't said who that was, gus, I never would have spotted it. He looks like Dorothy Hamil's brother! You know, sometimes I forget about D listed for a week or so, and then I when I go to check it, it's like opening a big, fat present. And Michael K has it pegged: he looks just like a guy in my college pottery class circa 1984.
haha, they bleeped almost the entire explanation of pegging.
You did excellent Dan!! Much better color when in studio and not on Skype.
I am a big fan of Dan's but the interview seemed awkward and random. why is he trying to upstage Colbert by word-dropping "pegging"? LOL... I just rolled my eyes...
@26, I liked that, though - reminded me they're both from showbiz really.
Isn't that just an open button down shirt over his IGBP t-shirt? That's what I thought it was, look at the rolled up sleeves. And yeah the boots are different, haven't seen anything like that on Dan before.

This seemed fairly serious for Colbert.
@26 I loved it, & he wasn't trying to upstage Colbert, he just wasn't rolling over and taking the jabs like so many of his guests do. Not enough guests understand Colbert's schtick, Dan does.
Excellent bit there, Dan and Mr. Colbert. I certainly hope Mr. Colbert really does lead the way for Republican pundit acceptance... er, I mean... acceptance and tolerance for Republican pundits. BY! I mean *by* Republican pundits.

@6, 15 - Are you as really dim as we know you are?
you seem like a bright lad-
set us straight (hahahahahah)
are homosexuals the only kids in America bullied at school or home?
please, do tell....
you seem like a bright lad-
set us straight (hahahahahah)
are homosexuals the only kids in America bullied at school or home?
please, do tell....
I think Alleged accidentally his meds this morning.

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