Hacking Netflix investigates a problem that's been around for a while but seems to be only getting worse: Movie studios are crippling rental films by not allowing viewers access to the special features on a disc. If you get a rental copy of Scott Pilgrim* and you try to watch the special features, this is what you get:


Last I checked, renting a movie was totally legal. People pirate movies because of shit like this; plus, you don't have to sit through an awkward PSA about not pirating movies if you pirate movies. But Hacking Netflix says that it's more serious than that:

The Blu-ray version of Up has closed captions, but despite the movie information page description that says it has captions, I was able to confirm that captions have been removed from the Netflix rental DVD. Shame on Disney for removing captions and preventing the hearing-impaired from enjoying the movie!

Forcing the hearing-impaired to buy a movie if they want the captions? Now, that's just low.

* You should totally watch Scott Pilgrim, by the way. It was a high point of my movie-watching year. (You should read the comics, too.) Here's my review.