Of all the people you'd never have expected to be calling to mind Stallone's mid-career choices, Jackman is near the top.
Red Steel is way more fun.
@1 Wambo?

He does that sunglasses thingy that David Caruso on CSI does, isn't there a drinking game about that?
Canuck, I'm flashing on those movies Stallone started rolling out where he was supposed to be a world renowned arm wrestler or a legendary trucker fighting the mob, that sort of thing.
Meh, it's a Disneyfied version of an old "The Twilight Zone" episode...
All I remember from those movies is him running on top of a truck, or a train, with a mullet, and really veiny forearms, and that weird shape his mouth makes when he yells, ick. I also don't get the Hugh Jackman allure...what is with the whole Mr. Steroids look he has?

A further indignity: I couldn't even Google Rambo movies, because Mr. Canuck stole my laptop to watch a Garth Brooks mini-mentary on CNN, shudder.
Damn, that actually is a pretty good episode. Go watch it.
The kids in that commercial are probably dead by now.
Does anyone remember battlebots? Hello? That came and went fast.

Hugh can't get a decent script worth its weight in salt. I guess Hollywood doesn't know what to do with a large, hairy, muscular, charismatic stage actor. I mean Wolverine was "fun" but damn ... I hope the guy doesn't have to base his legacy on this crap.

Don't know about Hollywood, but so long as there's "The Boy From Oz", he'll always have a legacy of some sort.
robot jox anyone?

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