The splatter is innovative. It's like throwing a bucket of blood off the back of a moving train.
The CG blood is distracting and annoying once you start noticing it's CG. Bah.
Not to nitpick, but that is not EVERY zombie death from the Walking Dead. A nice array from the start of the season to the finish, but no way is it every single one : (
Sorry, I'm a big fan. I watched each episode three times. I know, I should get a life.
It would be very fun to work makeup/special effects for this show.
The zombies are my favorite part of this show. Torso zombie from episode 1 or 2? AWESOME! Zombie with no jaw? AWESOME!! Goth zombie who looks like Brad Dourif as Wormtongue? AWESOME!
I love the show to undeath, but Rick's amazing aim for clean forehead shots (on the run from a zombie gank! from the hip! under a tank! emptying a whole clip!) is the stuff of legend.
@6- I've watched a lot of movies, and so I know hitting a moving target with a handgun while running is really quite easy. I don't know why Rick limits himself to just one gun though, it'd be much more efficient to use two guns at once like Chow Yun Fat.
@7 I would be OK with Glen and Rick running up walls, leaping sideways in cartwheels, and firing off into four directions at once in a cone to drop dozens of zombies per sweep.

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