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I have an insane, unruly affection for his "S.O.B.". He had talent enough that not even casting George Peppard and Mickey Rooney managed to ruin "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
i would like a ruum.
I can't say I was crazy about most of his movies, but anyone who was lucky enough to marry Julie Andrews is OK by me.
The dog bite joke never gets old.
That could not be the original clip. The footage that shows the dog have been reshot and spliced in. Their color and sound is different, as is the wall in the background. This was probably done as a joke about someone's dog.
Blake Edwards was a little bit of a horse's ass, but reading about his dealings with Peter Sellers, who was the biggest horse's ass of all time, is something else. The contortions he had to go through to placate Sellers were absurd. He can be seen talking about Sellers in "The Peter Sellers Story" TV doc, and in the biopic "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers", where he is played wonderfully by John Lithgow.
S.O.B. is one of my all-time favorite movies. I wish Blake could go out like Richard Mulligan did in the movie, his smiling remains adorned with a captain's hat and a cocktail, aboard his flaming yacht.

The world just got infinitesimally less funny.
i was just thinking of him last night while watching an episode of 'peter gunn' which he created.. i actually wondered how long he'd been deceased. he may very well have been alive as i wondered this..

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