if not for watching The Soup, I wouldn't even know about this abortion of a show.
Having lived through the horrors of the media coverage of the Jon Benet Ramsey case (she'd be 20 today), this only makes me go, "poor kid." Her skin was ripped off once? Yeah, I'd freak out too. But I'm pretty well used to the idea that these stupid child beauty contests happen and they aren't going anywhere.
The Russian TV show is just some Springer level staged violence. The Toddlers & Tiaras... Take the kid away, lock the mom up.
Jesus FUCK! That poor kid's mom is repulsive.
Does the mom's IQ even register above room temperature?
The person performing the service should have refused. I know they're on tv and all, but I would NOT have done that.
beauty pageants for children are an ethically grey area (to put it mildly), and i just don't understand what so many parents put their kids through in order to win those completely worthless titles. that being said, i've heard 5-year-olds scream in pain, and that was not it. most certainly she didn't want her eyebrows waxed, and it certainly did hurt (i've had inept people wax my eyebrows before, and it sucks), and her mother's a boor for making her do it, but let's not get carried away. on balance, that was less physically traumatic than a skinned knee. yes, those beauty pageants for very young children are abominable, but this video is an example of "gawd, some parents are frickin dumb" eye-rolling more than "holy shit, did this woman get her parenting lessons from reading 'a child called it'?" horror.
So, @8, this wasn't such a bad thing to do because, according to the sound of the child's cries, it wasn't very 'physically traumatic?" I'm understanding you?
@8 So it's good parenting to expose your child to something UNNECESSARY that "certainly did hurt"?
I'm thinking children's skin is much more tender than adult skin and it's really NOT OKAY to put very sticky hot wax near a 5 yr olds eyes and then rip off her eye brow!
Oh my god. I feel sick. That poor kid. She hasn't got a chance. Yeah, her mom didn't punch her in the face or anything, but still, to put your kid through that and laugh about it? What the fuck could be wrong with a five year old's eyebrows, anyway?!
That shouldn't even be legal. And the stylist can go to hell too. She didn't need to take that business.
That mom is a fucking asshole. It's one thing to put your kid in a dentist chair and have them deal with some discomfort for their health, and a complete other to put them in a chair and put hot wax on them and then RIP IT OFF for a fucking pageant.
Seriously, what is wrong with her???
to clarify: OF COURSE it's AWFUL for a mother to take her 5-year-old to get her eyebrows waxed. it's also awful when a mother screams "you're garbage!" at her 10-year-old for screwing up the rachminanoff piano concerto she's learning (…). it's also awful when a mother so coddles and indulges her child that she grows up into a clueless, entitled, self-centered piece of shit. YES, this mom seriously lacks good judgment. YES, it's terrible that this little girl is subjected, not only to an eyebrow wax, but also to many other discomforts and indignities in the child beauty pageant world. but there are mothers who actually beat their children. deprive them of love. are utterly uninterested in providing the most basic physical necessities. this one doesn't even come close to the realm of "worst mother in the world." let's save our shock and horror for the true tragedies of this world. lord knows there's enough of them.
Heinous. Not only did the mother, against the child's will, put her through a painful ordeal, she did it for the camera. It was just sickening to hear her use the kind of tone of voice you might use when getting your kid vaccinated. Perverse. Irregardless of whether the child wants to participate in a child pageant, it's still tantamount to pimping your kid out. Just because the kid agrees with the idea, or even enjoys the attention, doesn't mean it's healthy.

But then, TLC also carries Sarah Palin's Alaska, so we really shouldn't be that surprised.
so i know i've got some shit going on right now and i'm not at my best, but honestly, that first video brought tears to my eyes. child abuse. yes.
I feel like a better mom would've felt guilty enough from when it went wrong to understand that her daughter was going to be traumatized by getting waxed in the future (or wouldn't have waxed a five-year-old's teeny tiny eyebrows in the first place) -- not laugh about when her daughter actually got really, really hurt from it and make her do it again over and over.
Reminds me of the time I was visiting a friend and his sister was there with her daughter. The mom wanted the girl to eat, but the kid wasn't hungry. Mom started forcing food in the six year old's mouth. When her back was turned the kid spit it out and got it all over her blouse. After cleaning it off to a tearful accompaniment, the sister bent down and said, "Now eat a grape to show mommy your sorry."

And that, boys and girls, is where eating disorders come from.
So, my six-year-old is sick right now and our dr had to do a throat culture yesterday. My child acted like a cat thrown into a swimming pool. I'd never seen her so crazed. I felt like a horrible mother for subjecting her to a throat culture (twice, at the dr's insistence). Waxing her eyebrows? I would never consider that. My kid's pretty tough, but never, never, never, ever...!
my own mother, on jon-benet ramsey: "i just don't believe for a second that those parents had anything to do with it. i mean, they must have loved her, otherwise they wouldn't have spent all that money on her!"

so, so sad that there are so many people out there who can't see this pageant shit for what it is: whoring out your daughters, plain and simple.
(p.s. i know the investigation of her parents was a dead end. this was not a recent remark. she said it back at the time it happened).
@15, wait. So because she's not as bad as, say, Andrea Yates, or my sister's neighbor, that means it's not wrong? I know you're trying to not jump on a bandwagon here, but it's okay to say: "that's fucked up, that woman needs a little perspective."
Obviously, when people say that that is abuse, a rational person wouldn't say that the child needs to be put into foster care. Most people will just acknowledge that that woman is horrid.
Also, scraped knees are rarely anticipated. Anticipated pain is typically worse and when it is truly unnecessary, it comes off as more traumatic for the kid and kind of mean of the parent to inflict it.
i 2nd Allyn @ 23 - just because something is not as bad as it could be does not mean it's not bad in its own right and worth acknowledging. it's not a contest. and agreed - anticipated pain is worse, and when it's for no meaningful reason (such as the dentist, as stated above) and inflicted at the hands of your own parent, in public, etc, etc ... it certainly rises to the level of abuse in my view.
Kill your cable! This is just more disgusting garbage on top of an already giant heap of steaming trash that is cable. And if you really care about the fecal matter known as FOX and would like to see it topple under the weight of it's own filth, cacel your cable! Kill it now!
Funny how in that Russian TV show they bleep out the swear words but the violence seems to be more than acceptable.
how to give your kid fucking ISSUES
I think AmyC got it right, actually. What this child was forced to endure was horrible, no question. The mother should be investigated, obviously. But she is far from the "Worst Mother in the World". I object to the hyperbole, but that doesn't mean I don't object to the violence done to this child more.

BTW, when I was 6 I was stabbed in the head by my aunt with a pair of scissors for not sitting still during a haircut. I needed 16 stitches and actually have a groove in my skull where the sciccors scrapped against it. I wouldn't describe my aunt as the "Worst Mother" because there is just so much worse out there. None of that mitigates this child's pain, though.

Am I making myself clear? What happened to this child is child abuse, but let's hold the "Worst Mother" label for something else.
c'mon you guys, you saw that this was a humphrey post, right? he's not really insisting she's the "worst mother in the world." he's being deliberately hyperbolic. have you never spoken like this? have you never said, "that was the funniest/scariest/anything-ist thing i've ever seen/heard/read?" of course you have. you're missing the point.
@23 - read the comment a little closer. i said a couple of times that what this mom did is terrible. the fact that pageants for young children exist is terrible. the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of parents that put their daughters through horrible shit to win those pageants is terrible. the fact that they make TV shows about those pageants and that people watch 5-year-olds get eyebrow waxes for ENTERTAINMENT is terrible. the whole thing is one big cesspool of fucked up shit. what i'm saying is a variation on the theme of what we have all been saying on slog and in other places over the last week: our hyperbolic reaction to anything with which we disagree is problematic. the political rhetoric on the right has escalated to the point where the default perspective is one of outright warfare. the reason that sort of thing is so dangerous is that it desensitizes the hearer to what is genuinely extreme. before you know it, you haven't got any reasonable language left. i use the word "epic" to describe homer's poems. my little brother uses it to describe the ice cream combo he invented at cold stone. this leaves us with fewer and fewer words to describe the things that truly are epic, or awesome, or horrifying (i am as much to blame for this as anyone, but that doesn't mean i shouldn't be mindful and at least try to avoid the pitfall). there's no mother worse than the world's worst mother. if this woman is it, how then shall we describe a woman who beats her kids? pointing out that this child's pain is, thankfully, not as terrible as it could be, considering what poor judgment her mother shows, does not diminish her pain. calling this woman the world's worst mother dimishes horror that is experienced by the children of truly abusive parents.
I know everyone always carries on about how "violence is never the answer", but in truth, that woman should be slapped until her face looks like a grape and then sterilized. Forcibly.

The whole beauty pageant culture both mystifies and frightens me.
Holy shit, that kid is going to hate her mom someday.
I made the mistake of watching this show one time.

Frankly, I wouldn't object to seeing everyone involved prosecuted.

It's one thing if your 12 or 13 yr old daughter actually desires to compete in pageants (blyech, I know, but - not child abuse). But to see what these mouth-breathing cretins put their VERY YOUNG offspring through is just fuckin disgusting. The show I saw had a woman PUT MAKE-UP ON HER 1-YR-OLD TWINS in order to secure them the win in the 'baby' category. The fucked-up psychologies already apparent in the slightly older girls - I'm talkin 4yrs old, 5yrs old, 6yrs old - ought to have been enough to for SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE to take a stand and forbid such young 'contestants'.

But every single one of these poor train-wrecked kids has a greedy, grasping, breathtakingly shallow 'stage mom' behind her, pushing and pushing and just fuckin desperate to bask in that vicarious spotlight that their little darlin' is going to win for them....

If I started throwing up now, I still wouldn't be completely free of the filth of that show in a decade of hard puking....
I think child "beauty pagents" are a form of child abuse.
Just because pouring hot wax on your child's face isn't as damaging as holding a lit cigarette to it doesn't make it okay.
I'm just glad my mommy loved me....
@36- It's only torture if it causes death or organ failure.
Cheer up. I won't be long before every sentence addressed by this girl to her mother ends with "you fucking bitch."
Maybe she's not the literal worst mother in the world, but it's not a freakin' contest. After people have sunk to a certain level, it doesn't matter where the bottom actually is.
Super bad. The worst is that the child seems to have totally bought into the whole thing. The cry "Don't tear it!" applies not only to the pain of a botched job but also to being excluded from future contests. Ouch! Indeed.
I don't think the show is so evil - its intention is to demonize these crazy parents.
Say "Hello" to the next decade's Taylor Momsen!
what, did she raise her kids catholic?

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