You can watch Al Jazeera on their own website and on YouTube. But if you own a Roku box, you can also stream Al Jazeera live to your TV:

Roku, the streaming video player company, has added the live feed of Al Jazeera to its offerings. For mostly political reasons, US cable companies are reluctant to offer the Qatar-based news network. But the crisis in Egypt has shown Al Jazeera to be an excellent news organization, and many people are now calling upon their cable providers to add it. Simply put — Al Jazeera is proving the best coverage of the Egypt crisis. Stepping into the fray comes Roku, which is now offering Al Jazeera for those who have their player and are interested in the service.

Man, I love my Roku. It frees me from having cable, and the New York Times Decoder blog does a very fine job of explaining why cable companies deserve to die by asking the 10 biggest providers in the U.S. why they don't carry Al Jazeera:

DirecTV: “We have no plans to carry Al Jazeera English on DIRECTV at this time.”

Dish Network: “We don’t carry Al Jazeera English. We do carry Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera Sport in our Arabic packages. We have no announcements about carrying any new Al Jazeera channels at this time. We always evaluate how we can enhance our line-up.”

Time Warner Cable: “We don’t have a carriage agreement with Al Jazeera English, but our customers can view this programming for free online. We remain willing to talk with them, or any other programming provider, for carriage of their network.”

Fuck those guys.