I hope you follow Letters of Note regularly. It's a great blog that collects letters from famous (and not-so-famous) people. Today, they ran a series of Muppet-related letters that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. One is a letter written by Caroll Spinney, the actor who plays Big Bird, to a fan. Another is a series of ideas for a Swedish Chef cereal commercial, followed by a letter written by Jim Henson himself in character as the Swedish chef, to the Swedish Trade Office. And finally, there is a letter of complaint from a viewer who is upset about The Count:

I am writing because I do consider the small book, " The Count's Number Parade", as misleading and poisonous for children. Specifically, the book seems to portray Dracula ("The Count") as being a nice, entertaining person - instead of a monster. It seems poisonous to make a monster (Dracula) to appear as a competent teacher (even a teacher of numbers) because such an appearance would seem to mislead children into trusting Dracula, and possibly monsters in general. Such a misplaced trust would preclude the child from developing a healthy fear, and distrust of monsters. Such fear and distrust would, hopefully, help the child to perceive evil and avoid it, instead of trustingly walking into a trap. Some of your other books about monsters may also be similarly misleading.

And now, because it is barely relevant and because it is something I love: