Monsters have jobs.
They have three jobs.
One, they like to scare you.
Two, they like to teach you.
Three, they make you laugh.
What's so bad about that?
There are children today who do not recognize what the object on the table is, even when it rings. We live in the future every day, don't we?
Of course that video is relevant. It's teaching kids that Martians are cute and funny. What's going to happen when Martians finally invade???!!!
There are children who wouldn't recognize the object on the table, even when it rings.
The future approaches us faster all the time, doesn't it?
Oh hell yes. Teach your kids instead to trust wholesome characters, such as Pogo the clown.
Oh fuck, I fucking HATED the martian phone thing on Sesame Street!!!
Yip yip yipppp yipppp yip!
I'd be more worried about my kids trusting youth pastors than vampire puppets.

Thank you for triggering a flash-back from when I was about 8 years old.
@2: Yes, I do live in the future, now. To get here I had to timetravel forward through many decades, and believe you me it was no mean trick to arrive precisely at this date. As I look around me, it seems to me that where I've wound up is right at what non-timetravelers would conventionally perceive as the cusp between the past and future.

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