Nobody cares about your schoolboy crushes but you, Chuck. Publishing them on the blog is nothing but masturbation.
Please do fix up the title of Medicine for Melancholy, but thank you so much for mentioning / linking to it and her. That movie is so high on my list of favorites so far this millennium. She's a lovely woman, and Wyatt Cenac, oh my...
Came to say what @1 said. Who cares. What America really wants to know is: what does Charles Mudede think of Summer Glau?
Barry Jenkins said that she (from a structured theatrical background) and Wyatt Cenac (from an improvisational background) got along horribly on-set. Although I suppose one could argue that her resulting aloofness is Seberg-esque and helps make Melancholy interesting.

Nice. Skip right past whether she has any talent and go right for the superficial. Smooth as usual. You know Lohan is out of jail right?
She's cute.

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