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YES. You may not get another chance to see him as beautiful - with the hairstyle you prefer - on a big, big screen. Get a little high first, and have a lovely time.
Nah, don't go see it.

Wait a couple of months, rent it, and then watch it without the sound.. Or better yet, just fast-forward to all the best James-Franco-with-long-shaggy-hair bits, and enjoy!

No need to reward this kind of movie-making with box office dollars.
Well, gus has a point about the big screen...

But I stand by my answer. (Does penmanship count?)
What gus, I was thinking you wouldn't make a very good chick: we sit through all manner of appalling movies just to gaze at our crush-du-jour, it's totally worth it, even better if you include chocolate.
Bitch, back off my men! First James Marsden, now my Franco!?

Besides, you got a hot blondie to go home to! GREEDY!
Personally, I can't think of a single bad movie viewing in my experience that was even partially redeemed by the presence of a truly and wonderfully beautiful woman, but then again I'm just really critical when it comes to cinema. If you can stand it, Dan, catch it as cheaply as you can. Surely you have some kind of free admission card somewhere in the office...
Rent "Whatever it Takes" again, and endless loop the scene where he's wearing only a thong and tied to a hotel room bed during a party.…
@4, that's it exactly - Bridget Jones' diary - I once sat through what seemed like fourteen hours of Squinty Zelllweger to get a smile out of Colin Firth. On the big screen. With an audience. And Raisinets. It makes a tremendous difference.
Watch it. It might just surprise you.
Your problem is probably that you're going into the movie with preconceptions that it's going to be Sims: Medieval and it's a different movie than that.

Watch it on 4/20 - you'll love it then!
Wait & rent.
@8 He does have the best smile ever, and those brown eyes...maybe a bromance with Colin as the unbending English peer with a hidden kinky side, and Matt Bomer as his American cousin, who has a predilection for skinny dipping in the Victoria & Albert Museum fountain....Squinty will not have a role in this one.
"the worst reviewed movie of the year" would be a movie that was reviewed incompetently*.
perhaps you mean the movie that recieved the worst reviews of the year.
all 3 months of it....
Whereas if you like starlets in school skirts you're staring straight down the barrel of 2 hours of eitherSucker Punch, Kick Ass, or Super.

It makes you miss a proper exploitation flick, where they give you what you came to see and that's it, with none of this auteur blowing smoke up your arse bullshit.
He looks like Terry in that picture. At the B&N event in NY in March I saw that expression on his face when he was looking up at you while you were reading.
@15 awwww.... And I thought the same thing about that pic looking a bit like Terry. It's the mouth.
It's better than Sucker Punch, but that's not saying much. I thought there was plenty of good gags, but this movie is such a mess. It lacks everything that made Pineapple Express great. Had I paid to see it, I would have probably been pissed off.
see that's the thing, @14, online tons of teens and young adults wanted to see Sucker Punch - and Your Highness.

Most of the critiques are by people that don't watch that kind of movie. People who tend to like those kind of movies LOVED them.

At least that's what they were all saying on WoW Guild Chat and other non-elitist channels.

Look: the movie industry is not there to make the next epic movie like Jane Eyre (must see, by the way) - it's there to make the next Hop, the next Sucker-Punch, the next Your Highness.

Just don't go see those movies, if you don't want.
@18, Sucker Punch is hugely popular, with $30 million over two weekends on a budget of $85 million
I like cheesy fantasy movies as much as the next guy, but judging from how horrible the trailer was, Mr. Franco would have to have a long, extended nude scene to get me to watch that one.
I'm with Merry @2. I'll wait and rent it, and fast forward through the lame shit just to watch the Fanco bits.

Just watching the trailer was excruciating. I don't think I could sit through the movie, James Franco or not.
So grow your hair out, Dan. Yeah, it's a PITA when you travel a lot, but also a great look for long-necked, Adam's-apple-y, muscle-y dudes. I miss my shaggy hair (cut, not follicular senescence). It was cool--honest!!

Gus @8, I'm a little worried about the Raisinets (chocolatey-coated rabbit droppings). Jordan almonds are my favorite movie nosh, but they're increasingly rare--usually have to smuggle them in. I might feel different when appropriately pixellated.
Do you have Maltesers there, rob! ? That is some fine movie candy...
I had something else to say, but now that I've seen The Town's Tomato Meter is at 94%, I'm singularly focused on what a piece of shit movie that was and am mesmerized there are people out there who enjoyed it.
i saw a split second of franco topless in that trailer. Go!
You could just watch Pineapple Express again. And again, and again, and again...
Shouldn't this be settled with a poll? Since when does Savage get to decide without us? (I will not be IGNORED.)
Canuck, I think our closest equivalent would be Whoppers--I have been known to indulge in the occasional Whopper.......... Speaking of malted milk (we were, weren't we?), reminds me that Horlicks (tablets; what were you thinking?) have an unearthly power over me; I munch them until my teeth feel like galoshes that have traversed a muddy field. Haven't seen them in years, fortunately, I suppose.
Back in the very late 80s, I had an enormous crush on Luke Perry. I got a babysitter and went by myself to a matinee of some movie he was in (not 8 seconds) and walked out after 30 minutes (the only time I've ever walked out of a movie). Even LPs gorgeous face on that screen could not redeem that movie. Although I've sat through other movies w/bad reviews just to see some other bloke I've liked, and did so happily. So, it's kind of up to you. Oh, and I do realize I've been of no help whatsoever. Enjoy whatever you decide!
Oooo, Horlicks (I knew what you meant, but of course!), the "healthy" alternative to hot chocolate...because of the malt, I suppose. Mmmm. That malt does have a way of chemically bonding with one's teeth, though, thanks for reminding me, or I might have had a moment of weakness when I head out to the grocery tonight... :)
Take an mp3 player with an audio book.
How bad can it really be, I mean its got Franco and Portman? Get high and go see it, I'm sure you've done things more ridiculous than that.
ooo ooo

here! volunteer for venom detail!
Ohhhhh, he is pretty. But something that pretty might be better enjoyed at home on a big screen with the ability to fast forward, and judicious use of both the mute button and pause. And there is also the added benefit of privacy at home with the big screen and the clicker....
Yes, it's worth it. Don't listen to reviews. Most reviewers are semi-literate mouth-breathing nut-scratchers; I wonder if most of 'em have EYES, let alone brains. If you're looking for informed opinons about current releases, you're better off asking the kids on the corner with tubes of Elmer's up their nose than some J-school medicocrity.

And if #6 hasn't seen a rotten movie redeemed by a beautiful actress he (assuming it's a he) is lacking either eyeballs or gonads. Or just doesn't see very many movies. Go see YOUR HIGHNESS.
Definitely go see. Not only does JF have shaggy hair, he also wears butt-clinging tights. Just saw it in a full theatre and everyone laughed through the whole thing.
Hell, go see it if only because of Zooey Deschanel! Oh, right.

Still, if it matters to you at all, she is utterly beautiful.
You think James is hot, head over to Funny Or Die and check out his brother Dave, hubba hubba! Look for a segment called "You're So Hot", Chris Mintz-Plasse Vs Dave Franco.
Can't you just find production stills to, er, 'appreciate'? That trailer looks god-awful; I had to watch it over and over viewing the past week's The Daily Show and The Colbert Report online. Perhaps only the trailer is awful, though; I'd expect that Franco isn't exactly desperate for work and therefore has some choice in what films he does. Then again, maybe his taste in movies is terrible.
Armond White, the best critic/troll working loved it. Go see it!…
*shudder*. He's all yours. Never did and likely never will see the attraction in him
The tragedy here is not James Franco - it's David Gordon Green.

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to the director of "All the Real Girls," "George Washington," and "Undertow"? Those are three haunting, character-driven films by a youthful director with a powerful command of tone and a completely original vision of the US. Then ... Pineapple Express? Uh, ok. Then ... this?
young Mr. James Franco is indeed very beautiful
good blessings to all
-A. . ]

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