IFC knows:…

Looks like this is a mash-up of two unrelated things.
Ew, the dead Miss Piggy shot has a Lord of the Rings dead-pond-thingy feel to it...
I'm unsure as to the footage of the dead/suicidal muppets - I think I'll choose to agree with PA Native - but the excerpt would appear to emanate from "The Orson Welles Show" (1979).
I was going to say that it's Orson Welles and he do whatever the fuck he wants to do.
Where's a bong when you need it?
Mwwwwaaaaaaaaaa the French...
Dr. Tobias Funke (David Cross) = young Frank Oz?
Miss Piggy was Ophelia in muppet hamlet. For my money, muppet hamlet was the most original thing to happen to shakespeare since leonardo dicaprio. Other than that, ROTFLMAO.
WTF! And the follow up was Angie Dickinson?! How did I miss this as a kid?
@3 I watched the one & only episode of "The Orson Welles Show" just a few weeks ago. It was a self-produced pilot that never got picked up. The majority of it is an interview with Burt Reynolds, which is why the show ever mattered at all. Burt was kinda big in 1979.

The show is difficult to watch, with trademark Welles avant garde camera work and transitions. Not sure if it was ahead of its time, or if it is one of those things for which there never will be a time.

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