It was just a terrible weekend to be a conservative: The Atlas Shrugged movie pulled in a meager $468,573 at the box office. This means the film has made $3,947,827 in its three weeks in wide release. Again, it cost an estimated 20 million dollars to make and market. Quick, somebody figure out how many DVDs they'd have to sell in order to turn a profit!

The Wall Street Journal interviewed the film's producer, John Aglialoro about his hopes that Hollywood will now want to partner in making the second part of a projected trilogy whose first film is a remarkable failure:

As for making second and third installments of “Atlas Shrugged,” Aglialoro said he wouldn’t proceed until he had a more extensive marketing plan in place.

Ideally, he would also like to partner with Hollywood for the next go-around. “It’s my hope that some of the major studios will believe that this is not just a movie and it’s over. I’m open to making a deal with a major studio. I don’t want to fight them. I want to join them,” he said.

He said he’d be open to doing another $10 million independent production. “But wouldn’t it be nice to do a $50 million movie? And now the studios have a laboratory in part 1.”

This is the same guy who said he was considering going on strike and not make any more Atlas Shrugged movies because the critics hurt his feelings. Good lord, this is so much fun to watch. I mean, I knew the movie would flop, but who knew the action of flopping would take so long or be so enjoyable?