I'm in love with this compilation over at FilmDrunk of "Hot Women Pandering to Nerds." Because seriously, it's an epidemic:

It caused a bit of a Twittery shitstorm among self-proclaimed geek girls, to which Vince at FilmDrunk wrote this spot-on and skillfully reasoned response. An excerpt:

Don’t misunderstand what “pandering” means. It doesn’t mean lying. When a politician says, “I LIKE PUPPIES AND ICE CREAM!” I don’t say he’s pandering because he doesn’t actually like puppies and ice cream. Only that that’s an obvious and superficial method of ingratiating himself. The negative reaction to the hot-girls-pandering piece seems on some level to be HOW DARE YOU SAY I’M NOT ALLOWED TO LIKE PUPPIES AND ICE CREAM! I’M GOING TO SHOUT MY LOVE OF PUPPIES AND ICE CREAM TO THE HEAVENS AND I DON’T CARE WHO TRIES TO STOP ME! No. We’re not saying it’s not entirely possible for attractive people to be geeky. Only that it’s become a little obnoxious and predictable for them to say they are publicly.


And the Star Wars thing? For one, what does “I love Star Wars!” even say about you in 2011? It’s a far cry from playing D&D before computers. iPods and Budweiser are things that are as mainstream as Star Wars. It’s been around for thirty years. HOLY SH*T, YOU LIKE A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR CULTURAL MEGA-PHENOMENON TOO?!? LET’S START A ‘ZINE! It’s not geeky. Stop saying it is. Stop acting persecuted for liking something that everyone likes. That’s what we meant by pandering.

I couldn't agree more. The whole thing is here.