Film/TV Jun 15, 2011 at 4:00 am

TV! Make Daddy a Drink!


HELLO AGAIN,humphrey,i told you i
would be back,now...on to bussness: is that what you think of gamers OR anime? then heres my opinon: FUCK YOU!!! FIRST OF ALL,EVER HEAR OF GIRL GAMERS? how much ass do you think i can get at a girl gamers convention?and ever here of HENTAI? no? wikipedia it, dumbass!!!(ill save you the trouble,think japanese characters FUCKING EACH OTHER HARD!!!)HOW MUCH ASS DO YOU THINK ILL GET IF I SHOW J-FAN CHICKS THAT? VIDEO GAMES ARE NOT A WASTE OF TIME!!! CAN YOU CONTROL WHAT THE CHARACTERS DO OR SAY OR MAKE THEM GO ANY WHERE THEY WANT WITH TELIVISION? NO,AND YOU NEVER WILL!!! EVER SEE THE MOVIE "GAMER'? DIDN'T THINK SO...AND ONE MORE THING...WE ALREADY HAVE A WAY TO CONTROL THE INTERNET THROUGH YOUR VOICE,ITS A PC ATACHMENT CALLED 'DRAGON'(look it up!!!) oh and by the way,my parents are DEAD, SO ENJOY NECROPHILA,LOSER!!! PCMAG.COM? lame!!! how about forien magizines? (ngamer,edge,e.t.c.) my point:DON'T TALK TRASH ABOUT SHIT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK,THEN POST IT!!!
"Make Jay Leno funny"....does not compute....initiate self-destruct...KABOOOOM

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