Perfect summary. I unfortunately witnessed this abortion last night and had the same though: "What is Eric Stoltz doing in this film? I thought he died at the end of 'Mask'."
So much for Warner Bros' plan to seamlessly replace their Harry Potter franchise with DC comic-book based movies aimed at the same viewing audience, of kids and retards who read stupid, derivative junk aimed at kids.
Doesn't sound as good as I thought it might be.
hahahahaha lindy I have to stop reading these at work. I sit here silently laughing so I either look insane or like Im sobbing at my computer.
And thankyou for acknowledging how bland-boring Blake Lively is. God I hate her.
You are wrong about R-Reynolds though. His Canadian hotness gets him 1000+ points on the bland to interesting scale.
Wow, I didn't think it was that bad, then again... It was midnight and I was running on 5 hours of sleep for the past 2 days. As a result was a bit delusional and enjoyed the bright colors and sounds.

But yeah, Blake Lively's lack of face movement made me want to throw something at the screen.
Jeez, you make Green Lantern sound silly.
btw Lindy, congrats on doing Deadspin next week!
I wasn't too excited about this when I first read about it. I will say, though, that the animated Green Lantern: First Flight that's on DVD is pretty good. (Chris Meloni is the guy voicing Green Lantern.)
I am busy filming Green Lantern: Revenge of the Hamster as we speak, using a trained crew of mutant hamsters who promise not to barf on Ryan.
I really had a little bit of hope for this movie and after reading this I'll just stay home and masterbate to a picture of Ryan Reynolds naked.
(and yes, it was hard getting them to do green screen)
Is it me or is RR a shitty actor? I just can't see the attraction there.
ACTUALLY you wasted 10$ when you told everyone how awesome bridesmaids was.

Did you actually enjoy that movie? Fuck man. It was so bad.
Fuck you.
Yeah, that's a perfect summary of the film. Man, it was so bad. Not even worth the free a/c bad.
@L-L: Thor is better than G-L. G-L is pretty puzzlingly bad. Not even much fan service to be had.
Superman, Batman, Spider-man... why do guys in tights always have to have dead dads? Stop it, you are not Disney!
I knew we were in trouble when the movie started out with a bunch of entirely non-ironic expository voiceover.
Hey Lindy, it was a good movie, and you are starting to overdose on your own snark. I know your job requires you to see a lot of crap, and that probably makes jaded cynicism a very real occupational hazzard, but this movie was a fun little piece of summer popcorn, not the crime against film the critics are making it out to be. Do yourself a favor, and don't go to the movies for a few months. You might find the break does you some good.
Yeah, I have a hard time getting on board with this particular super hero franchise. When his greatest nemesis would probably be that chicken from Family Guy (being that he's yellow), that says it shouldn't be taken seriously, even for a comic book superhero movie.

Also, I hope everyone has seen the Onion's video review of this as well.
@1 Aw, how-about-a Spoiler warning next time? Now I know how "Mask" ends. No point in seeing that film now either....
Well anyone that has to curse throughout their review because they are not more intelligent enough to come up with words, obviously missing from their vocabulary, needs to find a new occupation. Did you even watch the film?
Marvel won
I am absolutely puzzled by these sorts of reviews. What is it exactly about this film that makes it worthy of so much ire? This movie is an unremarkable, middle of the road, *totally enjoyable* super hero movie. There have been a lot of god-awful comic book movies the last few years: Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Spiderman 3, etc. I'm sorry, but Green Lantern is so much better than those movies. It's not going to win any awards, nor should it, but come the fuck on. Get a grip.
Who would see this?
This was the WORST REVIEW EVAHHHHH!!! lol. And I should fucking-oodle mention (as if it MATTTTTUHS?) that I didn't think this movie STOOD ON ITS OWN SHIT, btw! (Whatevs!)

Now, Ms. West, for the love of g-o-d-d-d-d-d-d, retire from writin' (pleeeees?)!!

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