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Lindy West Goes Deep Nerd

Mmm, goblin-y!


And I'm still laughing about Chris Columbus infecting the local Centaur population with smallpox. Hi-larious!
I am currently re-reading "Goblet of Fire". Give yourself an A fucking Plus, Lindy, for calling this out.
The third movie was my least favorite movie. It probaly took the most liberties with the book, I did not like the way they characterized Lupin and Harry's budding relationship, and it was just a cluster fuck. I hated it, maybe because it was my favorite book at the time and I'm super nit picky. To be fair, I haven't really enjoyed any of the movies, except for part 1 os the seventh. They finally have time to explore the plot!! Oh, and I thought the Triwizard tournament was fun (in the book)! After all, Voldemort had not regained his powers completely yet and had to be tricky in order to capture Harry! If you remember he was being very careful about being public, he needed to hold on to wizards disbelief for as long as he can so he could properly set up his operation! Yes, I'm a huge nerd.
I can out-nerd you. I've given this some thought, and it seems like the train goes to Hogsmeade, rather than directly to Hogwarts (there are places in the books where they say this, but I'm entirely too lazy to go find them). So I think it normally makes stops throughout magical villages, or whatever, and then runs a special express on certain days for Hogwarts kids.

I hate myself for thinking about this.
I love you Lindy, I love you.
Back off #6

I love her more.
I'm waiting for the 3D Harry Potter MMORPG that will release in 2014.
i love you lindy west, i want to have your babies.
The tracks and the steel were provided by Hank Reardon, a character from another series popular for its mystical and incoherent view of the world!
My favorite part about the second movie was the giant spiders. :)
The problem is the books are too long to adapt with the way Rowling writes. Since they have to shove 2 hours (can't be longer than 2 hours because kids have no attention span), stuff gets cut and the movies end up just coming off as Cliff Notes.
You speak some damned purty Esperanto, Lindy.
Lindy, will you go out with me?
Re: Goblet of Fire

Voldemort's plan was to ostracize Harry from his friends. If you kill him when he's at the top, he'd be a fucking martyr. Can't have that happen. Get his classmates to make "Potter Stinks" badges and then murder him. He's less of a liability that way.
So is everyone else moving on to Game of Thrones yet? It is well written and the show has titties... Ladies. ;)
"I'm basically Gary Busey speaking Esperanto right now". Lindy West, you make me laugh.
Maybe in the interest of public transportation and saving fuel (it's a COAL FIRED locomotive, for Chissakes & that can't make for a good carbon footprint...) the Hogwarts Express could make a stop at Narnia? We could call it the Magical Mystery Tour Limited or something. As it is they only have that wardrobe so this could really perk up the local economy even if it's only kids and wizards bankrolling the local tourist economy....
Best thing about the movie series: family get-together for opening night, every single time.
Every family needs traditions. Now what are we going to do?
"Muggle Please" is my favorite Ol' Dirty Mudblood record
Umm yeah. its a fucking fairy tail. Doesn't have to be literal. And if movies followed books to the letter. We would have seven hour boring ass movies. So lighten up.
Harry Potter 1-8: magic shit happens and you keep wondering whether Hermonie is old enough for you to feel comfortable being attracted to her.

There, I just saved you 20 hours and $100 bucks.

Now go watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie or admit you hate America.

#10, you fucking made me laugh. A lot.
Even better Logistics question- In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermoine borrows an object called a "Time Turner" from Dumbledore in order to go back in time and take multiple classes. So then Dumbledore has the ability to go back in time at his leisure, but chooses not to?
holy crap, i was just about to argue with some of you about the incongruities of these books. what the hell is wrong with me?
Wait, Lindy, you left out the inevitable attempt at a TV series. If we're lucky, it'll be on HBO or something like that... if we're not lucky, it'll be on the CW.
To Lindy and others: The Triwizard Tournament was not set up for Harry to be Portkeyed. The schools were already planning the tournament and Voldemort took advantage of that. Also, the reason Moody/Crouch couldn't just do the "Hold this pen." thing is that a) Voldemort wasn't prepared or strong enough yet to return; that's why the Dark Mark on the Death Eaters' shoulders got darker THROUGHOUT THE YEAR and b) Moody/Crouch wanted to get away with it; if he had done the pen trick, everyone would've known he did it.

To #25: Hermione did not borrow the Time-Turner from Dumbledore; is that what the movie said? Because that's not true. I wouldn't know; I haven't seen the movies. Anyway, McGonagall got Hermione's Time-Turner approved by the Ministry so she could get to all her classes on time since she was taking more classes than possible. It is said that the Ministry is very strict about time-turners and McGonagall had to promise she would ONLY use it for classes, etc. So no, Dumbledore could not have used a time-turner whenever he wanted.

The End.
Haven't read a single harry potter book. Haven't seen a single harry potter movie. But you, Lindy West, are a Fucking brilliant writer.
Oh, how I love these books. Our daughter started reading them when she was about 11 or 12. By the time she was 15 we were attending our first HP con, the very first one in Orlando. We went to 6 over the years, and I gave a paper at the last one we went to. I was also lucky enough to be working in a bookstore when 7 came out and was able to plan part of our party. It's been a literary experience like no other.

DD is probably the last person who would want to revisit the past, judging from his conversation with Harry in Kings Cross in book 7. And even if he had wanted to, he knew that he wasn't allowed to change anything, so what would have been the point?

I made Busey speak Esperanto..
I really don't like or enjoy the way you write Lindy. It's just that I care about what people think about movies, but you write like a college student (that knows everything) with a Myspace blog.
Hey Lindy, I think I'll see you next Tuesday.
I stopped watching the movies after number two, cause I had just hated both of them. I didn't like the way they built the setting, Hogwarts castle just looked so dirty, I hate looking at dirt, and I preferred my imagination. Loved the books. Couldn't stand those stupid movies.
@33: I'm sure that the opinion of someone who goes by "anal smith" weighs heavily in Lindy's world.
I'd love to see Tonks take out Bellatrix and Narcissa. I'll bet they went out for beers after shooting.

Yeah---what was up with Snape? He started looking like a crying raccoon at the end!

Thanks, Lindy!!
Hogwarts security doesn't allow portkeying/apparating in and out at will. Does it?

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