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Faceless Capitalism in The Last Mountain


May I direct your attention, Mr. Mudede et al., to the name Don Blankenship, mentioned in your most excellent review, sir.

In the Last Days section we also make note of the mention of an alleged cat killer and woman of violence, one Danielle Blankenship.

Now, I am not suggesting these two individuals are related, but do believe the similarity in names is no coincidence.

While there no doubt exists at least one person with the name Blankenship who is not purely evil, I have yet to meet them.

Instead, virtually everyone I have ever met with that name (Blankenship) is either a complete psycho or total douchebagging nimrod!

Also, that name appears an extraordinary frequency on lists of brutal rapists throughout the country!

Now, I would extend this to genetics, as I've noticed over my life the appearance of certain individuals, with the same names who tend to fall into criminal groups.

Take the name Greenberg, for instance. No doubt there are also honest people with that name, but virtually everyone I've ever met with that name was not to be trusted, and usually a compulsive thief.

Lest anyone jump to accuse me of anti-semitism (although I admit to being an anti-Zionist), I have never come in contact with anyone name Goldberg who was anything other than the most exemplary and honest of individuals.

Speaking of the name Goldberg, I was once privileged to have briefly met Arthur Goldberg, former secretary of labor. Interesting to recall that Mr. Goldberg was the very last person appointed to Dept. of Labor Secretary position who was actually connected to labor!

Not surprisingly, Arthur Goldberg had been appointed by President John F. Kennedy, later to be murdered in Dallas by the plutocrat traitors of America.

The Swedes did a lenghty empirical study to attempt to argue against any genetic component in criminality -- this was done sometime in the '80s and the protocol was to follow orphaned sets of Swedish twins (no immigrants were followed, only people of historic Swedish stock) who had been placed in different socioeconomic families, and with one or more biological parents having been a convicted criminal.

Sadly, they ended up establishing, to their minds, a genetic component to criminality. They refrained from publishing their studies, purely for reasons of political correctness, but eventually did publish it rather quietly.

Good review, Mr. M.!
fish in a barrel for you eh Mudede?

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