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Winnie the Pooh Is a Baby’s Movie


Did Louis CK write this movie review?

Seriously, Megan, if you have kids start a blog about it. I would read the shit out of that.
Megan, you are an idiot. I think that's the first time I've used that term on Slog. A reviewer of a children's movie must be expected to know ANYTHING about children's movies and also what is age-appropriate for different ages.

Anyone with kids instantly knows that Winnie the Pooh is for the pre-K set. That's true of the books as well. For many pre-K kids, this will be their first in-theater movie experience ever. The length of the movie is appropriate, and the running and talking are expected and obvious. (Except to the clueless.)

Eight-year-olds are far too sophisticated for that kind of thing. They are reading and watching things like the Princess Bride, James and the Giant Peach, Monsters Inc., etc. Clone Wars, etc.

STRANGER EDITORS: If you have an interest in reaching out to that percentage of your readership with children, assign the task of writing about matters relating to parenting or children to someone who knows fuck-all about either category. Written evidence of Megan's keen grasp of the obvious is as exciting as the contents of a diaper: you don't know exactly what you're going to get, but you know it's going to be shit.
This review is only the culmination of a terrible trend. Why does The Stranger refuse to review any films which are not about groups of stuffed animals--and why does it review those films so poorly, using opinions which disagree so strongly with my own? This is a travesty. I will be returning my subscription fee post-haste, you can be sure of that.
Also, to go along with the theme of Megan knowing nothing about children here, most (maybe all?) developmentally normal 4 year olds are out of diapers. Also, my 4 year old asks questions because he cares about the answers and can sit still for an hour without screaming or running (because that would be inappropriate behavior for a 4 year old in a movie theater).
This was a great movie.

@5 - The Stranger has no interest in reaching out to readers with small children. The writers on Slog are mostly interested in condescending to parents and ridiculing them and their ridiculously fucking annoying children (why the fuck would anyone with young children ever take them out of the house, right?). Also, Slog writers were never children themselves. Their incredibly talented and accomplished parents picked them up when they were 19 from the world's most cynical cabbage patch.
YEAH Stranger, what's wrong with you writing a funny review of a Winnie the Pooh movie? As a dad I am so offended that you made me laugh and stuff. I'm so cranky I could use a nap! Just like most everyone else here.

This is like calling the kettle black. We get it Megan, you like candy bars.
Also, I love a snarky review by the Stranger every single time. And I also love snark directed toward children. But Megan has no idea what she's talking about. My almost-three-year-old does not act like the above, and she does care about the answers to questions. That's why she asks them. Also she hasn't pooped into a diaper in about year. Oh, and also, she doesn't beg to eat pies baked into cupcakes.
Boy, take a well-deserved potshot at the diapers and Gerber crowd, and watch the hunny hit the fan! Ms. Seling, I like your style and hope you keep up the good work. You know the old saying: "Every time you insult a baby, God laughs."
#7 and #9 - well put. I have a four year old, and yes, he is out of diapers and yes, he sits still and asks questions. For fuck's sake.
I thought this movie was pretty awesome, I went with my boyfriend and we both cracked up several times! =)
Yep, my four y.o. could actually sit still, ask questions (and give a shit about the answers), and keep from crapping in his pants quite well. Unlike many of the writers for The Stranger, it seems.
this is an awesome fucking review. i have a three-year old daughter and a six year old daughter, and even though i suspected my six year old is too old for this movie, AND my three year old hasn't worn diapers in quite awhile, i can't stop laughing. and now i know for sure not to bring my six year old to this movie. SO THIS REVIEW IS A WIN WIN. if you other parents don't like this review, read the fucking Times and shut up.
Apparently, having children causes the brain's sarcasm centers to shut down.
Eeyore just keeping it real.
I have little kids and thiught this review was pretty funny. It was a lot better than that dumb fuck who wrote the restaurant review complaining that the baby screeching made her hangover hurt. That shit was fucking idiotic. This review, however: decent. Except that, of course and as pointed pout previously, four-year-olds don't wear diapers. Duh.
I think it looks cute. And I appreciate that there's a hand-drawn kids movie that's not total sensory overload--its a good way to introduce kids to going to the theater, and the parents won't be bored to death because its adorable.

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