Film/TV Jul 27, 2011 at 4:00 am

Weenie Dogs Are Worse


The weenie dog will hump your leg. Sharks have that rasp-like skin, so if they hump your leg you'll get a turrrrible rash. Humpy Week.
My two weinie dogs would tear your a$% up for being a fish-lover....race has nothing to do with it!
You'd be a pissed off member of a race, too, if you realized your race was genetically bred and then inbred over and over and over to have a spine twice as long as the average species member. You may even start to feel superior to deal with that anger.

The wiener dog is the stretched-out-neck African tribe of dogs... I'd be as pissed as Hitler to be born into that. Racist, too? Most definitely.

WTF is a shark? And, why does it need a week?
Are you a University of Wisconsin alum? That might explain your dachshund problem.
humpy's worst nightmare, right here…
No. Weiner dogs are the BEST. At least mine is. Her name is Stamps, she's never bitten anyone and she even lets small children pull her adorable ears. That being said, I laughed at 'Weenie dog God told them to'
Dachshunds 4 Life.
I simply cannot get behind this anti-Dachshund drivel. Chez Vel-DuRay has three Dachshunds, and all of them are noble beasts.

The oldest one - now 17- besides being an excellent ratter, literally saved the life of an elderly neighbor when she had a bad fall.

Dachshunds are wonderful dogs. Pomerainians, on the other hand, are quite another matter entirely.
having 9 count em 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 wienie dogs in my house - I HAD to belly laugh like I'd stolen some of Miss Doxie's wine and toasted Julia Ann reading this!!!!

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