On last night's episode of Louie—which I generally love, but still get kind of pissed about when it's too "contemplative" (IS IT GOING TO KILL HIM TO BE FUNNY? HE'S LOUIS C.K., GODDAMMIT!!!)—one of the great mysteries of the comedian world is sorta, kinda, not really solved once and for all. For those just joining us, comedian Dane Cook was a super-duper comedian superstar in the mid-aughts (primarily with college douchebags... but a paycheck is a paycheck, right?). HOWEVER! He was also a pariah within the comedian community for allegedly stealing three of Louis CK's jokes (as well as some from Joe Rogan??? Who would steal anything from Joe Rogan???). While Cook kind of addressed the charges on Marc Maron's podcast, he's never really faced his accusers... UNTIL THIS EPISODE OF LOUIE. Check out this very interesting/awkward/redemptive/funny discussion between Louie and Dane in which everyone involved is humiliated in one way or another. I gotta admit, I came out of it with a better appreciation for Cook, who I previously despised because... well, everybody else despised him. Not proud of that! HEY, I'M HUMAN, OKAY??? Let's sit down and talk about it.