Mencia stole from Joe Rogan, FYI.

That scene was just a brilliant pile of awkward. Loved it, especially after hearing both Cook and CK espouse their points of view on WTF last year.
What, no clip of Louis making out with Joan Rivers???
Joe Rogan's standup is actually better than you'd think. It's not great, but it's decent.
Is this scripted? It looks awfully scripted, and hence feels more like an episode of Jerry Springer.

This was on a scripted TV show. Of course it's scripted, asshole. Oh, and to the writer of this -- learn some punctuation. I didn't even read this ridiculous excuse for prose.
Ugh. I heard an interview on NPR's Fresh Air (no, I don't wear sandals with socks...very often) with Louis C.K. and I found him incredibly off-putting. He came off as elitist when he was quick to state that his Mexican relatives are much, much better than those brown-skinned lowlifes who mow lawns, and deeply sexist in that way men who think they're not are.

I don't know much about him, but hearing this interview made me wonder why on earth people pay attention to this weirdly arrogant dickweed.
@6, I heard that too and had a very similar reaction. He's still funny, but I wouldn't want to have to actually talk to him.
@4, yes, it's scripted. It's from an episode of Louis CK's scripted television show "Louie."

i haven't heard the interview, but it sounds like he was doing a bit.

if that offended you, you definitely don't want to hear his bit about rape

I haven't heard the interview either, but from what I've heard of Louis' humor, the lines about his Mexican Relatives compared to present day latino immigrants strikes me as a bit.

Louis C.K. sitcom with its bitter pitch black humorous slice of a day of the life of a single dad comedian is the funniest thing on TV today imo.

Cook always struck me as frat boy affectation with nary a trace of comedic art--safe low common denominator humor for an increasingly dummed down desensitized America.
What's up with the Joe Rogan hate? The guy is really funny actually. I was at his standup earlier in the year when he and the UFC visited Seattle, it was great.
LOL @6 calling Louis CK elitist and sexist

Did you have a botched lobotomy as a child, and then the doctor said "Well if you just cram a bunch of baboon feces between your ears that should fix things right up" but then during the baboon shit surgery they left a sponge and forceps and a Hot Wheels car inside your brain tissue?
@12: Lolercopter!
Love this beyond words. Louis' eyebrows are more expressive than anything I've ever said using words in my life.
Dane Cook, personally speaking, is a douchebag. He really wanted to chat online with a friend of mine, but insisted she have a video camera (she's gorgeous). Well, she bothered to get one, he went online with her, he sat there and stared at her for a bit, then went offline (fap fap fap, anyone?). Then never responded to her again. On the upside, at least she didn't risk catching anything, doesn't have to worry about flushing a little Daneling. Though Dane himself should be flushed.

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