These are probably not the bared boobs youre looking for, young perverts.
  • These are probably not the bared boobs you're looking for, young perverts.
Over on conservative blog The Corner, John J. Miller muses about the new Conan the Barbarian movie:

As a fan of Robert E. Howard and his character Conan, I’m of course looking forward to seeing the new Conan film. But I can tell the producers already have made one major mistake: It’s rated R. How dumb is that? My son, who has read and enjoyed dozens of the old Marvel comics, almost certainly won’t be seeing it now. The film should have been PG-13. My guess is that it will struggle commecially just because of the rating–and old-timey fans of the original stories will grumble for another generation about how Hollywood messed up

What the fuck? Anyone who has read the books knows that Conan the Barbarian is an R-rated character. Sure, the Marvel Comics were kind of entertaining, but they really had nothing to do with Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian after a certain point. Corner commenters seem to agree with me about Conan needing to be a gory, sexy orgy of a movie—most of them complain that Miller doesn't know what he's talking about.

And while we're on the topic of barbarianism, Lindy West is absolutely right about the Schwarzenegger version of Conan: It's so boring it's just about unwatchable. If you are upset at the allegation that the Conan movie was dull, that's because you haven't seen the Conan movie since you were a ten-year-old boy. There are other ways to see bared breasts nowadays, people. Try to watch it as an adult and then tell me Lindy's wrong.