I've always wanted to see Survivor: Manhattan.
Republican Primaries

(dies a little inside)
That's what his boyfriend call Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show...

(ba dum bum)
Real Houseboys of Palm Springs
Calls. Fuck. Good morning, world.
I once saw a Scandinavian Reality show called Gay Army, in which an American drill sergeant trains nine screaming queens in the military arts. I suppose that I should have been offended by the homophobic stereotypes on display, but I was too busy laughing.
Who Wants to Out a Closeted Whackjob?
@1, Survivor: Detroit would be a little rougher.

The Real Housewives of Oil Trough, Arkansas - watch as Darlene and Burley fight over the last bucket of hog jowls! Find out where that horrible smell is coming from (hint - it's in Brandi Lee's back yard!) Discover the big secret behind Misti Jo clawing her husband Cletus's eye out! Watch what happens when our Negro cameraman tries to buy a bottle of wine at Pappy's Store!

Celebrity Dope Smuggler - which contestant can get their clapped-out Ford Windstar packed with cocaine bricks across the border first? Who will get caught sampling the merchandise and claw mercilessly at the scabs on their face and chest until they crash the car? Who will make the mistake of calling "El Chapo" Guzman a "greaser faggot"? Who will spend the rest of their life standing ankle-deep in raw sewage in a Mexican prison?
Has-Been Apprentice. Oh wait. That's already a thing, isn't it?
Toddler Bikinis - Join Piers Morgan and Melissa Rivers as they rate the action down at the community pool. Whew! Is it hot and steamy in here or is it just me? With hair and makeup tips from the professionals L'Oreal.
Sorry, we've been calling it America's Next Top Bottom for years!
More, Fnarf, more!
@ Fnarf,

America's Next Slop Model

@ gloomy gus,

According to the internetz rumorz, AC is in fact a top. Boggles the mind, don't it?
Latter Day Bachelor: a young LDS fundamentalist starts each season with with one dozen beautiful young women who are interested in marrying him. Each week, he tries to eliminate one from consideration.
@14, I bet he has a press agent just to shepherd the internet rumors in that direction....
Dancing With The Czars: Watch autocrats and emperors compete as they do the Fox Trot, the Quick Step and the Cha-Cha-Cha.
Who Wants to Marry a Thousand-aire Young people recently thrown off of food stamps via for the attention of a person who can probably supply them with sustenance for the next month or so while some B-List celebrity cackles at them and an audience of vapid jackasses one paycheck away from being in their shoes showers them with scorn for their immorality.
i have actually seen a live performance of AMERICAS NEXT TOP BOTTOM at a Daniel Nardicio (Playgirl Owner) party on the lower east side. Three contestants. the one that one took a dildo up his ass at least 18 inches long and prolly about 9 around... like throwin a hot dog down a hallway. all in front of about 100 people... amazeballs!
Whoreders: GOP - Psychologists help Republican politicians whose home, family and political lives are at risk from multiple sessions with prostitutes. They would battle the compulsion to pile on multiple affairs while reducing the number of callgirls down to a number the wife, kids and congressional district can all live with. Like two or three, max.

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