"Line animation would be too slight," unless it had been done by Sylvain Chomet and his team of illustrators, (who brought us The Triplets of Belleville) which is what I was hoping for. But I'll settle for this version, if only out of nostalgia for all those afternoons I spent as a boy, wandering the globe with Tintin and Snowy. Good review.
I could not disagree more. Herge's characters were caricatures possessing disproportionate facial features that made sense as drawings - that they chose to make these characters realistic looking with these features falls smack-dab in the middle of the uncanny valley. All of them, even Tintin, look like they have some kind of birth defect. Why they didn't chose to make the character more true to the comics, ala "The Incredibles,' is beyond me. Yuck. Maybe a step up from Polar Express, but not much of one.
You didn't mention if you saw it in 3D or not, but I'm assuming you would have mentioned something about it if you did. Anyone care to opine on which version to see?

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