Film/TV Feb 1, 2012 at 4:00 am

A Separation's Revelatory Minutiae


On a more attentive viewing of the film, the opening scene has some strange undertones. Simin asks Nader to explain why he does not want to leave the country’s ‘circumstances’ behind and join her in leaving Iran for a hopefully better life in the West? Nader says she knows the reasons very well already and there are many. Simin challenges him to present to the court just one good reason. Nader claims his demented father’s need of care as just one reason. Simin retorts that this is only an excuse!
Is it too much if a viewer like I, be wondering about all the other multitude of reasons, some of which according to Simin would be the real ones?
Why are these other reasons not put to the judge (viewers)?

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