One of the most rewarding parts of the latest season of RuPaul's Drag Race—along with Jiggly Caliente, Sharon Needles, and the lightly bearded pit crew member—is witnessing the extended influence of Venus Xtravaganza, one of the many fascinating subjects of Paris Is Burning, Jennie Livingston's 1990 documentary about the New York drag ball scene and the people who make it fabulous. The film is packed with amazing people, but Venus is one of the ones that sticks with you, not just for her stunning vulnerability and beauty, but for the tragic containment of her story within the film. (Spoiler alert: Near the end of Paris Is Burning, Venus' house mother Angie Xtravaganza tells of the heartbreaking murder of Venus Xtravaganza.)

So what a joy it is to see sparks of Venus flying out of the mouths of so many of RuPaul's 21st-century drag racers. Here's Venus delivering the 20-second riff that will supply drag queens with catchphrases for eternity.

(Also, have you seen Paris Is Burning lately? If you haven't seen it in over ten years, watch it immediately and be clobbered by its amazements. It may as well be the best documentary ever made (after Hoop Dreams), and it's available now on Netflix Streaming.)