The inaccurate assumptions that flow from this pretentious review illustrate how the wind scam has succeeded to the extent it has. The reviewer clearly believes that these monstrously uncivil wind machines play a zero sum game, a la David v Goliath, with coal. When, in fact, the more wind, the more need for coal. With 42GW of installed wind in the US, no coal farms have closed as a result, while more are in the offing. Despite all that wind, the country actually increased its coal production last year.

Wind is an antediluvian technology that relies on ignorance to reward the craven. And by craven, I refer to the likes of GE, Goldman Sachs, AES, Chevron, BP, Shell--all huge wind investors, all substantial fossil fuel marketeers; they realize wind will only enhance their fossil fuel marketshare.

Why doesn't Mudede support gliders as mainstays of the US air transport sector, particularly as "progressive alternatives" to our future?
If you think these useless, inefficient, loud wind turbines are so great put them in urban areas where their noise may not so noticeable. Turbine noise is not the sound of democracy, and not the future, more like the sound of corporate welfare and eco fascism.

Mr. Mudede is the classic U-Nimby.…
Mr. Mudede is a classic U-Nimby:…
@2: Unfortunately, wind turbines need to be where there's lots of...wind. Rural areas tend to be those places. Urban places, much less so. But, any power company that wants to put a turbine in my backyard is free to pitch the idea to me.
These wind turbines also need to be in places where building a wind turbine is the highest and best use of the land; otherwise building one would be silly.

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