Good news! Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 is now available on Netflix streaming! If you've ever been curious about this movie, which prominently features a train wreck you absolutely can turn away from, now is the time. Here's part of my review:

Atlas Shrugged, Part I is a movie about how the people who make truly great things are laid low by the mediocrity of people who are jealous of their gifts, and it is an entirely mediocre movie. (Plot summary: A bunch of dicks walk around whining about how hard it is to be a dick. Two dicks ride a train and have an affair, because the guy's wife is a dick and can't understand how hard he works at being a dick. All their dick friends keep disappearing. The end. See you for part two, April 15, 2012!)...

The ethos that Atlas Shrugged hammers into its audience is that something is either worth doing to the absolute best of your ability or not worth doing at all. Yet a large part of the film is made up of generic stock footage, the cinematographer is more interested in the cheap rental furniture than the human beings uncomfortably sitting on it, and the wardrobe department can't seem to tie a single necktie into a proper knot. The continuity editor apparently hasn't found the time to watch the film yet: Every character rides around in the same limousine, and entire scenes consist of people sitting around tables at alleged "dinners" where no food is served, saying good-night to each other over full, untouched glasses of wine.

Go watch it before the sequel comes out!