Oh it is SO on. A bottle of Dry Fly whisky in hand, Armin Shimerman on screen telling me about the gold-pressed latinum standard...
If I feel the need to watch a movie that pushes the idea that society would be better off if the exceptional people were allowed to be exceptional without the government keeping them down, I'll rewatch The Incredibles, thankyouverymuch.
Yeah, it bears repeating that the message of The Incredibles was shit. A well-done, moderately entertaining movie with some fun characters, and a shit, shit, shit message. Sarah Vowell really sold out her values on that one, if you're honest about it.

(Half the staff at Pixar has a copy of Atlas Shrugged on their desk. Watch one of those Pixar tour videos if you don't believe me.)
I didn't see the movie and am too lazy to check out any stills... what necktie knot are they depicting? A half-windsor or shelby should be fine. Since they're all egotisical asses, they really should be using full windors though.

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