Starbucks and Skittles are my favorite things now.
I see that his family has trademarked slogans with his name. Classy. Whether or not Zimmerman is guilty of anything Trayvon was a dirtbag. He was suspended from school when they found burglar's tools and a bag of women's jewelry on him. Why don't they show pics of the large 17 year old with his gold grill? That's who he was? He didn't deserve to die but he wasn't a saintly 12 year old returning from the candy store.
It makes no difference if Martin was a saint or a devil.

Painting a bad picture of him in order to make yourself feel safer is wrong:…
@2 "Use every man after his desert, and who should escape whipping?" -Hamlet, II.ii.

If there's one thing that divides this country, it's between the people who feel that compassion is the worst kind of weakness and everyone else. I certainly do not wish to live in the world you think is so marvelous: It is a true hell.

Care to provide a link for the photo of his "grill"? Or are you dumb enough to fall for the right wing posting a photo of the wrong kid? But they do all look alike, don't they?
@2, in your heart, you know you're racist. As if his parents aren't grieving. He was killed 70 feet from his house. Fuck you.

Where is the forensic evidence? If Zimmerman had been "pounded" by Martin's fists, the corpse's hands would show trauma.

Who is doing the autopsy? I hope it's not the Sanford Police.

And the police tape of a sweatless, unperturbed Zimmerman getting to the car after his arrest tells us that Zimmerman lied about the entire event.

For any racist in the audience, this is a case of an African-American family, living in a middle class neighborhood, having jobs, and being no different from any white family in 2012.

The end result -- getting gunned down by a psychopath and having the perp given high praise by society.

@3 I'm not painting anything and I feel fine regardless. I'm simply being honest about who he was instead of objectifying him for political gain. His character is irrelevant to the shooting I just think his objectification as a "social justice" martyr is silly/pathetic.


You and your people have been pasting Zimmerman spin control up and down the Internet.

The facts keep melting away at Zimmerman's defense.

He's a stalk and slay killer.

I don't deny you wanting to make a buck...if that's the only way you can get paid.
@9 wait I can make money for being honest? Tell me more. I know Sharpton trying his normal ghetto-clown cash grab and the family is trademarking Trayvon's name. How can I get in on that?

Here's your pic:…

RECENT photos of Martin.
@12 well that disproves nothing I said but whatever. I bid all of you adieu now so you can jack-off around the pyre and fantasize that this thug was the second coming of MLK.
It always amazes me how quickly and confidently you guys can jump to a conclusion — one way or the other — when the questions still outnumber the answers by a factor of hundreds.

Have fun working yourselves up into a froth, though.

It's actually that George Zimmerman who is the second coming of James Earl Ray.

"But I had to follow him in my truck and get out and shoot him your honor! He had been suspended from school. And he had jewelery in his backpack, too! Ladies."

The crazy is extra crazy in here today.
@2, 8, 10, 11, 13 - You are one ugly specimen. And, be advised, "ugly" is not a word I use to describe what a person looks like - I only use it to describe what a person is like on the inside: ugly.

Martin and Zimmerman each thought the other was a threat that night. Tragically, only Martin was correct.

BTW, did you see this story regarding a (now fired) cartoonist at a student paper, The Daily Texan:…

That that thing ever made it to print is just beyond me...

It is pretty interesting that in this day and age that there aren't any current photos of the kid. Wasn't he on Facebook? Didn't he have a camera phone? I'm not saying he wasn't murdered, but the fact that all the pictures of the kid are 3 years old is kinda fishy.
@16 I noticed you couldn't refute or disprove anything I said or linked to so you had to resort to hurtful names.
@15 He had the jewelry AND burglary tools. Not a convenient fact I know. No it's relevant to him being shot but go ahead and skip that part. It's just a fact that makes him a shitbag regardless.
@2: " Why don't they show pics of the large 17 year old with his gold grill?"

Because apparently you're forwarding a hoax from a white supremacist blog. Congrats, asshole.

That photo of the kid with a grill isn't him, you fucking moron. But, hey, like I said, they all look alike, amirite?


The Daily Mail regularly posts LIES, such as that fully debunked photo of the kid with the grill. Present evidence from actual news sources or get the fuck out.

Yes, that's exactly why you repeat the lies of white supremacists and call Al Sharpton a "ghetto clown". Because you're just a decent person.
@2, 18 - You are delusional.

The 'burglar's tools' you allude to was, in fact, a screwdriver. One. Screwdriver. Which was found in his school locker after he got in trouble for writing "WTF" on some lockers, along with some other kids. That's KIDS doing foolish KID-type things, not a gang-banger scrawl in an alley somewhere.

Also in his locker that day were 12 pieces of jewelry, which he said belonged to a friend. The jewelry was confiscated and he was suspended, just as thousands of other KIDS across this country get suspended every day.

Was that reason enough to take his life?

Got any other bogus, racially-motivated "information" you want to spew here on The Slog?

It would be funny in a sick over the top (hopefully sarcastic) way, except the Sanford Police department thinks the same way as you.

@18: Did he have those burglary tools with him that night? Was there jewelry hanging out of his pockets? Does Zimmerman possess some psychic ability that allowed him to know anything about this kid? No?
Then why would the kid's suspension for what ever reason, have any bearing on his death?
He had done nothing and he was unarmed and now he is dead. Full stop.
In my heart I know you are an awful person, and in your heart you know I'm right.
@18 - Plus which, the "burglary tools" incident (which was actually One. Screwdriver.) took place last October. Are you saying that Zimmerman had access to school records and KNEW that Trayvon had been suspended five months prior??

My original post stands. You are one ugly mofo. I feel sorry for you.
@25, Thank you. Past mistakes Trayvon allegedly made aren't relevant to the shooting, since Zimmerman didn't know Trayvon and had no knowledge of any of that. Even if Trayvon was the grill-wearing, jewellery-lifting caricature that right-wing blogs have created, and even if Zimmerman had known Trayvon, none of that would have justified the shooting of an unarmed 17 year-old.
@18 There are pictures of me with a grill that I bought at the Puyallup Fair. Am I a dirtbag ghetto-thug?*

*I am over 40 and white.

Whether or not a murder victim in Florida was a "shitbag" or not is not an issue of national importance. There's no reason for media and political leaders across the country to spend time discussing the the personal qualities of every murder victim in America. I'm sure many murder victims in Florida, or Georgia, or Alaska, or anywhere, might have not been model citizens. It makes no headlines because it's of no interest to anybody.

What does matter is that the murderer in this case walked free, and the only likely avenue of remedy that, and to reform the system that let him walk free, is for the nation to mobilize, and for the federal governemnt to take action.

See, people don't lose sleep worrying if some teenager had a gold grill. They do worry if racist maniacs can kill with impunity. See?

No, you don't see. You're a racist internet kook, and you think everyone should care if some teenage murder victim had a screwdriver and a baggie in his backpack. For shame. And take your meds, OK?
Well, that's as thorough an internet ass-handing as I've seen in quite some time....
Jeezus. I had way worse things than a screwdriver in my locker when I was 17, and I'm pretty sure I smoked way more weed than Trayvon (seriously, I smoked a LOT of weed in high school). Clearly I am a shitbag. It is a wonder I was never shot. Oh wait, that's right. I'm white. It's okay then.
Interesting that the racists defending Zimmerman never speak about his criminal past, which include assaulting a police officer and a former girlfriend.

Also, Zimmerman was explicitly told to stop following Trayvon, but for some reason disregarded that direct order and continued to stalk Trayvon.

Finally, Zimmerman lied about having his head slammed against concrete and having a broken nose. 30 minutes after the incident, the video at the Sanford police station show no signs of bruising or injuries on Zimmerman's face, head or body.

Not only should Zimmerman be charged, but the Sanford PD should be investigated to find out why they did not conduct a thorough investigation of Trayvon's killing.

Also, why did the Sanford PD claim that Trayvon was a John Dow when they claimed to have known who he was on the date of the incident?

I'm looking forward to the trial of Zimmerman, which I expect to be forthcoming. He might get an all-White jury and walk, but I still want him to have to defend his actions. He's a cold-blooded murderer.
@30: "Well, that's as thorough an internet ass-handing as I've seen in quite some time...."

Really, when you're looking to actual, literal Neo-Nazis to give you the "high ground" in an argument, you've failed at life.
@2 - Conservatives hate to be called on their racism. So you'd think they'd think twice before knee-jerking in defense of Zimmerman and in search of reasons why Travyon deserved to be killed. Because everybody knows that conservatives would NOT be coming in defense of the killer if the killer had been black and the victim white.

Silvio Levy

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