What do labor unions and trial lawyers have in common? They're two of the biggest funders of Democratic candidates and causes, which is exactly what has propelled union-busting and tort reform to the top of the Republican agenda.

Late notice, but for a good illustration of the latter, you can take in a local screening of the documentary Hot Coffee today or tomorrow with the film's producer Susan Saladoff, and former Mississippi Chief Justice Oliver Diaz, who was successfully targeted by the US Chamber of Commerce for his out spoken resistance to tort reform:

· Tuesday 4/10 at 4pm at Seattle University School of Law, Sullivan Hall: partial screening & panel including Susan, Oliver Diaz, and SU Professor John McKay (former U.S. Attorney; member Justice at Stake)

· Wednesday 4/11 at 12:30 PM at University of Washington School of Law (Gates Building): partial screening & Q&A with Susan and Oliver

· Wednesday 4/11 at 5:30 PM at Microsoft Auditorium, Seattle Public Library: Reception (invited guests) and free public screening & Q&A with Susan and Oliver. Sponsored by Puget Sound Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society, Public Justice, and Washington State Association for Justice

Hot Coffee gets its name from the infamous McDonalds coffee lawsuit, which is often held up as poster child for frivolous lawsuits, when in fact it's the perfect illustration of how our tort system is supposed to work. Worth a watch.