I'm so excited, I'm gagging!
Two high-class, high-art queens this year and one dud. If either Sharon or Chad wins I'll be happy (happier if Sharon wins, though). Phi Phi can eat a dick.
Ah, but did they touch the hem of her garment?
SLOG, if you post the winner tomorrow and I see it before I see the episode I will flip cars. same thing I will do if anyone but Sharon Needles wins.
Michelle is a "her", right? With a hoo-hoo and all that?
I don't watch the show, but I hope Sharon Needles wins just because I like the name.
Speaking of RPDR...If you haven't been voting for Brian AKA Mama Tits to be cast for next season, start doing it NOW! You can vote every day. She's sitting in spot #7 right now and needs to get bumped up to 5 to stay in the running. SO CLOSE! Throw her your votes and let's get Seattle represented!!! I would link here but I'm at work and my work computer won't allow me to. Perhaps one of Mama's other friends would be so kind?
Delighted if either Chad or Sharon wins.
Sharon's look was edgy...back when Marilyn Manson was doing it. Now it's just dated and over done.
It's rare that I'm rooting for TWO people at the end of a reality show like this, but I love both Chad and Sharon.

Phi Phi needs kick in the dick.
Come on Sharon Needles! Or Chad will do. But no Phi Phi.
Ru nearly always makes a glaringly bad choice at the end, so unfortunately, I predict he chooses PhiPhi.

Which would result in a fan revolt akin to the one when Project Runway handed it to Gretchen, so Ru might better hurry up production of that "All Stars" edition to try and smooth things over.

(Of course, then, given his track record, he'll probably hand the title to Shangela.)
@12 I heard a terrible, awful rumor from a friend who knows a drag queen who did a show with lil Kenya Michaels who apparently spilt the beans that Phi Phi wins. I might have to temporarily break up with Ru if this turns out to be true.
I don't know that we will know the winner after tonight. Logo has been advertising this episode as "the final three," not the finale. Pair that with the clip of Ru saying "This season we're breaking all the rules," and it seems we're in store for some twist. Two winners? A public vote determining the winner that will be revealed at the reunion?
oh, schmadie, i know several someones who killed people. interview me sometime.

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