Film/TV May 14, 2012 at 2:51 pm


I miss the Lenny years.
I miss CSI: Miami and will never watch any of these shows, other than Sherlock, until they film CSI: Seattle.
I, too miss the Lemmy years.
I enjoy Sherlock, but it is going to feel hilariously dated in, oh, about six months ago, due to the CONSTANT mention of blogs and texting and cellphones and blogging and blogs.

Also, CONGRATS FAMOUS BLOGGER OF THE LAW & ORDER & FOOD TUMBLR BLOGGING BLOG! Huzzah! Maybe John Watson will mention you on his blog!
Dead tumblrs that are 3 pages long and abandoned after 2 weeks by a bored hipster will be the Pompeii of the early 21st century. Cyber-archaeologists of our future will look at this shit and think we all wear grey suits with burgundy ties and fellate street food.
Oh, I will not be abandoning this! And I am not a hipster, SIR!
Now, if we could just get a Law and Order and Zombies blog going ...
As a born and bred and now moved-away Seattleite, I am unimaginably pleased by this turn of events. I will continue to post, with ever more vigor, until my posting finger becomes numb and useless. Bless you, Slog! Bless you all.
You make an excellent point, "Kramer" painting from an episode of the 1990s "Seinfeld" television show.
Post with more than one finger, is my suggestion. That way you have nine (or seven, depending) times more posting stamina.
Wait, I misstated that, math-wise. But you get my point.
I am an American, and I post with however many fingers I CHOOSE to post with, "g." In this case, it only takes one finger to click "create." And I stand by this statement. This way, I can use my other fingers for thinking up new amazing things to say in "comments."
Are there American procedurals set in places aside from New York City where food is used for character development? I can't recall anyone eating in CSIs or Criminal Minds. Or for that matter TV shows in general, although the supervisor in Parks & Rec and his pursuit of steak does come to mind.

We all miss the Lenny years. Glad we got more Logan years in Criminal Intent.
Hey Camembert, quit being a dick and go to another Tumblr if you don't like it. "Meh, I've seen this before in a past life so it's not as cool as my fucking ironic mustache." Go ride your fixie to the hipster bar and have another PBR tallboy- it'll give you the courage to insult someone ELSE who is just posting something fun and funny.
Law & Order - Parking Enforcement Division will always be the best one in my mind.
Oh damn! I was hoping you were going to tell us about a restaurant that airs L&O all the time. That would have been my new lunch spot. I'm an addict. My poor husband.

I see it as more a Law & Order thing than a New York thing. People in those kinds of jobs are on call for most of the day, so of course they take working lunches and stuff their faces in their downtime. I imagine that someone in the early days of the show made the choice to show that.

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