Film/TV May 23, 2012 at 4:00 am

(And How We Can Keep the Same Thing from Happening Here)

This is what a successful anti-gay-marriage ballot initiative looks like.


Hey, can you add a link to where you can get more info and buy tickets? I'd post it, but I don't want to get blocked as spam.
Did the movie show what, tactically, the good guys did wrong? More and more phone calls and volunteer hours only matter if they're effective calls and the hours are spent effectively. Was it really just, "We did things right, just not enough," or was there more?
Message from California:

Please, Washingtonians, please make this happen. Don't be complacent, this is the moment, right now. This is the thing worth fighting for. It seems small if you and most of your friends are straight, but this isn't about gay people, it's about us living in a civilized society.

Now get up off your asses and get it done!
It would be good journalism to actually mention the title of the movie before the 4th paragraph.
@2- no matter how open folks are to us, seeing our private bedroom activities splashed across TV in prime time is offensive. It would be just as offensive if het sex toys were shown. Causes otherwise open-minded folks to vote against us, as is their plan. Perhaps similar ads, reversing the points ala- 'just look what str8 married folks DO in private- Oh the children. YUCKY!' might be effective?
I'm dreading the next 6 months. Wake me up on November 7th.

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