having been the pregnant lady with the teeny tiny bladder twice now, I totally have to vote for intermissions!
This post brought to you by 'Depends'(TM). I didn't know geriatrics were a new target audience for The Stranger.
3 will solve your bathroom concerns.
Just don't drink the bucket of soda they try to sell you and the bladder becomes a non-issue. Plan ahead, people!
With pre-show commercials, previews, and the fact that you have to get in fairly early to not end up on the neck-breaking first 5 rows, that's well over 3 hours in a seat. And that just royally sucks, no matter how good the movie is.
1) Sit on the aisle.

2) Run out as soon as the screen goes black for the credits.

3) Blessed relief.

4) You can be back well in time for the "you must sit through the credits!!!!1!!!" bit.
dun nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BATHROOM!!!
I'll be honest. I fell asleep during the last Batman movie. It was long, and the middle was really boring.

Almost 3 hours? I'll probably skip it...though I did subject myself to "Men in Black 3" this past weekend just for the air conditioning, so you never know.
I'll be honest. I thought the last one was a bit too long. I didn't think that about The Avengers or the Lord of the Rings, so it's definitely a combination of the length and specific subject matter. I think it's the dark tone, which isn't punctuated by much visual light, beauty, or levity. I like dark movies but apparently in somewhat smaller chunks.
Bigyaz beat me to the punch. suggests ideal bathroom times. Also, go before you leave. Also, don't get a big 32 ounce drink.

Intermissions are cute. I want to line up with 30 other dudes for the urinals. Having a queue behind me always makes it a more comfortable experience.
2:45 is too long for almost any movie, but I'd consider it for Mr. Nolan.
Central Cinema has intermissions even for shorter movies. It's awesome to have 10 minutes for a smoke, a pee, another drink, whatever. I think all theaters should do this.
@4,10 You both fail to understand the magic of the soda bucket.

The point isn't to drink all the soda; in fact I usually share with friends, put some in my flask for later or simply pour the rest out on the floor.

The point of the soda bucket is to have a large capacity container for liquids that you can leave in the theater should you have to fill it.
It is very simple just don't buy a soda. Also as long as not in first or second row your neck won't be strained.
Something you'd like to tell us about your prostate/

In all seriousness, intermissions are crucial in theaters that serve beer.
And while we're at it, can we bring back the overture and the entre-act as well?
That'll kill pretty much all the time you're allowed to use electronics on a flight to Chicago from hereβ€”I'm for it.
@7 FTW

I prefer watching a movie without an intermission, but having one does mean I'm more likely to buy drinks at places like Central Cinema. I imagine intermissions for long first-run movies would help theatres sell more vats of HFCS and grease-covered popcorn!

Agree that shorter running times often mean that character development suffers, so I'm all for longer films if the story supports it.
Batman Begins was 2:20 and The Dark Knight was 2:32 (to echo @9, Begins was a much tighter movie than TDK). This isn't really *that* much longer, and given the amount of effects in movies these days, a good 10-15 minutes of run time is dedicated just to the end credits.

But I'd be ok with bringing back intermissions. I could have used one during the last LOTR movie, when I kept holding it through all the fake-out endings.
Only if a movie is made with an intermission in mind. Otherwise it sounds like a clumsy break in the narrative punctuated by the logistical difficulties of everyone wandering in and out, turning on their cellphones, and then quieting down all over again.

Sitting still for a couple hours (and slipping out if absolutely necessary) really isn't all that difficult.
Actually I go to a movie theater about once a year, but whatever. I do not give one fuck for comic book derived movies. At least not until there's a Transmetropolitan trilogy.

Trilogy? I think Transmet would warrant at least five or six films...

Seems like we've passed a point where a quality TV series is a better entertainment stream than a theater movie.

Community is more innovative than The Dictator.

The Wire is better than Brooklyn's finest.

The Sopranoes took up the mantle from the progression of Godfather, Thief, no other movie did.

Movies now serve one of two audiences, or perish.

They are either for pre-teens who cannot yet drive and have no where else to go at night. These require that the film have vampires.

Or they are for kids whose parents take them to movies on Saturday afternoon in the hopes of keeping them quiet. The more mindnumbing, Transformerish the movie is, the more quiet they keep.

On that account a 3 hour Batman movie, with appropriately deafening THX sound will be worth the $10 ticket prices for weary moms and dads.

Is Christian Bale in this one? That silly ass I'm too sexy I just smoked 145 cigarettes and drank a gallon of whiskey Batman voice he does is too much to endure for nearly 3 hours.

if tom hardy is on screen for most of that 2:45 hours, THEN IT ISN'T LONG ENOUGH!!! (Kelly O agrees with me.)
@7 <3

Also, The Dark Knight already felt like it was over three hours. I liked it, but lord was I ready for it to be done long before the final fight sequence. Ditto Inception.

On the other hand, I'm better served by movies that feel chock full. Magnolia felt like a 2:20 movie, and still feels shorter than The Dark Knight.
Nolan's films always drag in the third act. That's when it's time to go to the restroom.
Nolan sucks. Hopefully he learned how to set up a shot since his last 5 efforts.
@24 I love the voice! It's weird and over the top...but also, great!

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