I remember when The Exorcist came out and my friends thought it was so scary. So I went to see it and laughed my ass off. When I told one of those friends I thought it was ridiculous, he started telling me how I shouldn't laugh or Jesus would put a devil in me. I'm still waiting for that devil so I can spin my head all the way around on America's Got Talent.
It's been a while since my last viewing of The Exorcist, so it's possible that I'm missing it... or even that I'm just being dense. Will someone be kind enough to help me understand how The Last Meal qualifies?
I thought the point was honor the style, techniques, and themes of Friedkin? These must have been like two of only five submissions. And the other three were of cats licking themselves.
Whatever. They're no "Trilogy of Terror." Try watching that when your parents go out and leave you and your brother without a sitter.
How does the cartoon get 44 votes when it has only got 11 views, while the other one got 67 views and only 16 votes? i think someone is voting for themself too many times
I don't understand these videos. :(

Also, transit of Venus!
Something tells me this won't become an annual contest.
ScienceNerd, the cartoon is sure funny, but I think the last meal is really creepy because what they are doing is a chinesse ritual of the last meal of a man that is going to be executed...
@ Matt,

The Exorcist is thought by many to be the best Biblical allegory film for the conquering of evil through the willing sacrifice of a righteous person. My $0.02 is that 'The Last Meal' is the Last Supper.

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