Comic books dumb for manchildren is stupid films all this is crap grr grr hurp durp
I'm choosing to be tentatively optimistic about Iron Man 3: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" was ridiculously fun, and hopefully everybody involved has learned their lesson from the overstuffed disaster of IM2. Picking the Mandarin is, of course, hugely problematic, but it's not like anyone's forcing them to keep him as a Fu Manchu clone, so hopefully they'll just feel free to ignore all that.

I can't decide if a Guardians movie is the most awesome idea ever or clearly the point at which Marvel/Disney's hubris gets its titanic reward.
Can we get some heroic vaginas on that list?
Thor was boring, and I can't get very excited about Thor II.

I loved the first Iron Man, and Robert Downey Jr. totally stole the show. Iron Man 2, on the other hand, sucked ass. They'll have to work pretty hard to win me back. But I loved Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. So lets say I'm cautiously, slightly optimistic about Iron Man 3.
Good movies don't have logos.
umm... doctor fucking strange?
Guardians of the Galaxy!

I didn't realize they were popular enough to merit a film, but I'll want to see what they do with it. Will they be fighting the Badoons--the evil males--and will be get to see the good guy females?
I like some comic book movies, but this roster makes me want to gouge out my eyes.

I'd pay to see a dr. Strange movie in a heartbeat.
@3 right on! I guess it was wishful thinking to think maybe Black Widow would get her own thing, but between the complete lack of lady leads and the idea of Ben Kingsley as "the Mandarin," hard not to see society as regressing.
Well, if Iron Man 3 really does have some Warren Ellis in it, I might go check it out. I worship that mad bastard.
Sounds like more reasons not to go to any of the uber-google-plex movie houses in the next two years. And frankly I'm kinda dreading the upcoming Star Trek movie?
@5 and @11, please refer to @1.
@12-- You mean the dude with the My Little Pony avatar?
A short comics-related digression.

Last weekend, my 4 year old nephew asked me if Spiderman and Iron man are friends. I started with, "I'll have to look that up, but I think they're in different universes. Iron man's Marvel, and I forget whether Spidey's DC or Marvel."

Then I realised that we were playing superhero dress up and he was just trying to figure out whether they should fight with or against each other. "Never mind. They're friends."
Blah. And I love comics and comic book movies. Hell, I even like video game movies! I am cinema's worst nightmare!
I just did some googling and found out there seems to a modern Guardians of the Galaxy that does not include the original members--Vance Astro, Charlie the guy from Jupiter, the diamond guy from Pluto, the archer, and later, Nikki, the girl from Mercury. That's who I want to see in the film, not the newer characters.
The question is irrelevant; it's like asking which brand of corn meal you prefer. Superhero movies are pure commodity. Just ask how many minutes of superhero movie are you excited to watch each summer:

a. 0 to 30 minutes
b. 31-60 minutes
c. 61-90 minutes
d. 91 to 120 minutes
e. 121-180 minutes
f. 180 or more minutes

Netflix should be programmable to deliver up however many minutes of generic superhro glop per month, as requested.
You mean like a jaded mandarin, like a jaded, faded, faded, jaded, jaded mandarin?
@17 My god, that sounds like something you'd see in a sci-fi film about media inundation. Movies aren't creative expression, but satisfy a certain set of keywords.

You call up 'superhero' and on-screen, one of a hundred pre-selected ordinary, youthful stars encounters an extraordinary event that changes his physical or mental capabilities in such a way that he is inexorably brought into conflict with a cackling, green-costumed representation of the investor class who happens to be distantly familiar to him.
WTF is Ant Man? is he a tiny man?
Out of all the possible characters they have, why choose him?
While I do trust Edgar Wright on these matters, I would be interested in the Ant-Man movie only if the producers have the courage to go all-out on depicting Hank Pym's totally fucked-up codependent & dysfunctional relationship with his wife Janet (aka Wasp).
I picked Ant Man because Edgar Wright.

But I am in agreement with the current front runner: Currently superhero movies make the plot to a Jackie Chan movie look original. Came from planet Krypton. Even your illegal immigrant gardener knows that, Mr. Hollywood. Get to the Supermanning already!
@20- because he's a notable Avenger and this is a means of transitioning him into the next one.

I'm a fan of superhero comics but even I'm getting bored with superhero films. They can be fun and all, but yeah...overkill. Because they have to appeal to such a large audience they can't do any of the odder Ellis-Morrison-Vaughn stuff, and those writers are really the only good thing going in mainstream comics these days.

I assume you're thinking of Dirty Three/Bad Seeds/Grinderman Warren Ellis? there's a comic writer of the same name. I wish they could get the other Ellis involved in one of these movies though, he'd be terrifying.
Still mad they didn't set up Antman & Wasp as founding members of the Avengers. Antman! He talks to ants! What's not to love about that?
Good on Ed Brubaker! If he can buy a big house with a pool now, he should be able to! Local boy, you know.
Glad they're going with the weirder Marvel titles. I could give a fuck about the new Spiderman movie or another X-Men prequel or whatever...more Guardians of the Galaxy! Dr. Strange! Power-Man and Iron Fist! An adaptation of the KISS comics! That's the stuff that makes Marvel great.
@6 - Agreed! I was really hoping that the next "cycle" of Marvel films would explore the mystical side of the MU.

Well, perhaps 2015 and beyond. It's not like Disney is going to go out of business anytime soon.
More! Yes! Feed me...I'll watch them all...ALL!! And I'll enjoy and complain in equal measure.

And I liked Iron Man 2. So there. *sticks tongue out and runs around in circles*
These days, I think Marvel makes better movies than comic books, and DC makes better comic books than movies. (Nolan's Batman is the exception, in that it is just as good as the best Batman comics.)

I'd like to see (in no particular order):

--Preacher, dir. by Quentin Tarantino
--Jennifer Blood, dir. by Kathryn Bigelow
--Chew, dir. by Edgar Wright

I'd also say Transmetropolitan dir. by Terry Gilliam, except that he'd probably work on it for 15 years and then Zack Snyder would end up doing it.
WTF ! ! ! !

Where the blood eff is Aquaman?????

Plus, we need more action films with the Rat City Roller Girls!!!!

(Those babes would stop the bad guys below:)…

@3 right?
@14 Spiderman is in the Marvel Universe. There was actually talk of having a cameo of him in the Avengers, but a different studio owns the rights to Spiderman and studios are assholes. It would have been fun to see though!
@32 - Aquaman is a DC property, not Marvel.
@31 - I think Preacher would be Grade A material for an HBO series. I'm not sure where the best division points are, but I bet 3 8-10 episode seasons would just about nail it. Chew might even work as a network procedural. I don't think either would condense down into a single movie well., I'd love to see something done with it, but I have a hard time believing it wouldn't just make me want to read the books again. Which...I now want to do.
I figure this Guardians of the Galaxy with Gamora and Drax will be Thanos as villain heavy and it will segue into Avengers 2. That's the one I want to see. Get weird with it Marvel.
@36--you are totally right. Preacher should be a series.

I wouldn't exactly call Aquaman a "property". I suppose DC has to claim him, though. Vincent Chase was awesome in the Aquaman movie, though (I heard...never saw it.)

I think all vaginas are super. Also, Heroic Vaginas are coming soon.

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